Reger Diamond Security Token is at the main sale

PRAGUE – 09-05-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Demonstrating success at the presale, RDS Token has come to the main sale, and today it can be purchased at the nominal rate.

In the period of main sales 20.5 million RDS Token will be issued for the total nominal value of 20.5 million USD. Thus, at the start of sales the coin will cost 1 USD. One more 1 million RDS Token was sold in June at the presale stage in just 3 weeks. Given the fact that at the time the coin was not known in the cryptocurrency market, it is a great result of sales, confirming the trust of investors. 

And this is not surprising, because RDS Token resulted from the first ICO, actually provided with diamonds “before”, and not “after” issuing the coins. It is a platform for the safe doing business. Unlike other ICO with the purpose to raise funds for the project, which is still only described on paper, here is a real business on production of diamonds, brilliants and jewelry with the prospect of its turning into an ecosystem for all participating investors. The fact that the coin is pre-secured by diamonds on balance of the company – ICO initiator just secures RDS Token. Each investor receives a return guarantee of its funds at any time at face value with the guaranteed denomination that completely eliminates the risk of losing own investment.

In the near future, RDS Token will become a payment medium in the ecosystem built on the basis of the product Reger Diamond. The coin will become the means to pay all types of jewelry products made by the company. For calculations using RDS Token there will be special discount prices. Therefore, for those who plan to buy diamonds, it will be more profitable to buy coins first, and then make a purchase. This factor will increase the demand for them and strengthen distribution. In addition, the coin will be accepted for payment also by the partner companies whose network will be expanded this year. RDS Token will become a currency to be exchanged for other currencies and also make purchases, give in debt, invest in projects. 

After entering the cryptocurrency RDS Token has all prerequisites for growth, and then investors will be able to sell it at a rate significantly higher than the nominal.

Today, the coin can be purchased on the website EUR, USD, Bitcoin and Etherium can be used for payment. For purchase it is necessary to open the personal account on the website, pass the procedure of authorization, after that to choose the necessary quantity of RDS Token and to pay in any way. It can be a transfer to the account, to the crypto wallet or payment by card. After some time tokens will appear in the personal cabinet. In online mode, you will be able to see the coin security level and the number of coins sold. The company adheres to the principles of transparency and honesty, so investors are provided with maximum information about ICO progress.

To get the maximum profit experienced investors advise to join the ICO project at its start. And when it goes about RDS Token with no risk to lose funds, it is worthy to invest today, so that in the future not to regret that it has not been done so before!

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Company Name: Invest Diamond
Full Name: Elena Platon
Phone: +420 228 880 190
Email Address: Send Email

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