RadCad, by East Brooklyn Labs, Charges 12 High-Capacity NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Without Ever Leaving Their Caddy

New York – 03-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — East Brooklyn Labs, a startup technology venture in the technology and audio space, today announced the launch of RadCad, a caddy charging system capable of charging twelve high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries. Tailored to film and audio professionals alike, RadCad provides users with a plethora of features, including a simple, two-second, one-handed operation; five-step battery meters on a clear, night-readable screen; and a one-touch discharge/charge cycle to improve performance and elongate battery life.

“After years of needing it in my own professional life, I’m thrilled to release this charger with East Brooklyn Labs. The convenience, ease-of-use, and powerful charging are exactly the way I wanted them. I couldn’t have done it without their support, and I’m proud of how it turned out,” reported Abe Dolinger, Lead Engineer at East Brooklyn Labs.David Sufrin, head of R&D at East Brooklyn labs, said “When Abe approached us regarding this project, I was eager to get it to market. At East Brooklyn Labs we love working with both everyday users and professionals. We feel this product bridges that gap, and allows us to serve both. We’re excited to get it into people’s hands.”With the needs of sound and film professionals at the forefront, RadCad boasts additional features such as the ability to charge a 2700 mAh battery in seven hours or less, all within a compact, easy-to-carry size.RadCad, available on Amazon in Q1 2019, follows East Brooklyn Lab’s latest product – SliQ, a wireless charging case for Apple AirPods.

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