Qm2® Solutions Partners with GenOne Media Group in Deep Dive Customization Through Smarter LifeStyle Network

Pittsburgh, PA, October 25, 2017 —- Qm2® Solutions and Pittsburgh-based GenOne Media Group partner to improve patient engagement in over one thousand healthcare venues nationwide. Qm2®’s proprietary SaaS platform, SEngage®, united with GenOne Media’s out-of-home-network, Smarter Lifestyle Network (SLN), provides patients with the opportunity to submit valuable feedback at the point of care.

“Partnering SEngage with SLN creates the most comprehensive patient engagement solution in the market,” said James Benson, president and CEO of Qm2® Solutions. “Together we collect information before, during and after the patient visit, while delivering patient education. These services are incredibly valuable for both the patient and the provider as value-based healthcare and the patient’s voice become leading factors in the healthcare market. Paired with the revenue generated from the in-office consumer media, this as a no brainer.”

When medical providers use SEngage®, the patient enters the information and application does the rest. The software automatically collects, scores and analyzes patient reported data, which in turn improves care, lowers costs and increases leverage for government reporting, market development and payer negotiations.

This technology seamlessly fits into Smarter LifeStyle Network, an interactive television and tablet network developed by GenOne to facilitate a two-way conversation between medical practice and patient. SEngage® and SLN work together to collect patient information on location while delivering patient education, provider information and healthy lifestyle programming.

The patent-pending, user-friendly software and hardware designs allow medical practices to put custom education directly into the hands of their patients. The software is equipped to help medical practices collect valuable data that not only heightens patient satisfaction but also increases the facility’s bottom line. The addition of SEngage® on the network magnifies these capabilities.

“GenOne Media is pleased that Qm2® solutions is adding SLN to their patient engagement platform,” said president and CEO Christine Martier. “The partnership between Qm2® and SLN is a huge benefit to Qm2®’s clients, and it opens new opportunities for SLN as well.”

Headquartered in Peshtigo, WI, Qm2® Solution’s clients encompass over one thousand of the largest cities across the United States.

“Because of the scale of this partnership, and Qm2®’s existing assets, GenOne is pleased to provide its first private-label customization of SLN for Qm2®. The result is a powerful branded tool that easily fuses Qm2®’s mission with GenOne’s,” said Martier.

GenOne Media Group is a media broadcasting company focused on helping organizations provide the optimal patient experience while increasing revenue through Smarter LifeStyle Network. GenOne Media aims to give patients a voice while supplying providers with the opportunity to collect valuable data and put it to use in ways that will positively impact the patient experience. The goal is to create a valuable two-way conversation that helps organizations increase their bottom line through revenue share and higher patient satisfaction.

To learn more about Smarter LifeStyle Network contact Krista Foster, vice president of business development, at 412-930-0763.

GenOne Media Group, Inc.
Media Contact: Christi Carnahan
Tel: (412) 930-0763
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Qm2® Solutions
Media Contact: Jeri Grossman
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Email: [email protected]
Website: https://qm2solutions.com

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