qClip Device Launches Fundraising Campaign on Kickstarter

ST. LOUIS, MO – 10-12-2017 (Press Release Jet) — On October 18, 2017, The Watchtower Company, an innovation lab, will officially launch a Kickstarter funding campaign to bring its first product, the qClip, to production.

qClip was created by inventor Michael Jersa of The Watchtower Company because he needed a better way to remember important tasks like renewing the tags on his license plates. He found mobile notifications always went off at the wrong time, were impermanent and were easy to dismiss, so he designed a dedicated physical reminder clip that can be placed at the location where the task will need to be completed.

qClips come preprogrammed with 30+ common tasks, or users can simply select a time or date for the countdown. When it’s time to complete the task (e.g. water the plant, feed the dog or change the air filter), a small red light illuminates on the clip to provide a visual alert to the user.  qClips are Wifi enabled and can also trigger text/email alerts, be managed remotely or integrate with popular task apps.

“I had tried many apps, but wanted a technology that felt more tangible and obvious,” says Jersa. “That’s how I got the idea for qClip. When I see the red light, I know it’s time to take action. Until then, it’s in sight but out of mind.”

The qClip Kickstarter will give backers a chance to purchase devices for home and office at a bulk discount. Proceeds from the fundraiser will take qClip from the design phase to prototyping, production and distribution in retail outlets and online.

“We have big dreams for qClip, and are excited to see how the Kickstarter community responds to this much-needed product,” says Jersa.

For more information about the qClip and to access the Kickstarter fundraiser, access www.qclipco.com.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: The Watchtower Company
Full Name: Michael Jersa
Phone: 844-636-3584 ext 700
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://www.qclipco.com

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