Police Wife Fights Back Against Legislators

Behind the Thin Blue Line aims to bring awareness to legislation designed to hamper police doing their jobNEW YORK, NY – 08-31-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Police officers are the first line of defense against lawbreakers daily. The job of a police officer is both physically and mentally dangerous. Officers face danger moment to moment. In the first eight months of 2017, total fatalities of police officers in the United States was recorded at 83, in all of 2016 82 officers lost their lives in the line of duty. Early reports show New York leading officer fatalities with eight reported deaths. The media reports on police officer involved shootings regularly, seemingly a daily occurrence. Often, the coverage is presented in a manner to maximize the number of people watching the coverage rather than presenting a balanced and fair broadcast.

Both on a State and Federal level government has begun passing legislation that hinders police officers from doing their jobs effectively. One such State Congressperson, Minnie Gonzalez of Connecticut, offered stiff criticism of law enforcement in her state. Congresswoman Gonzalez gave a speech in defense of House Bill 6663 wherein she referenced police officers as “cowboys” with guns and bats. This brought a wife of a Hartford Connecticut Police Officer to the forefront of bringing change to how the police are treated by the government and represented in the media.

Marissa Cullen chose to act against the criticisms that Congresswoman Gonzalez leveled at police officers in general. Ms. Cullen has created Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC to help bring awareness to the actions of politicians such as Ms. Gonzalez, those that pay lip service to the police but then actively work to limit their protections and ability to perform their jobs in the communities. The intent of Behind the Thin Blue Line is to reach out to national media and bring these concerns to citizens not only across the United States but the world via national newscasts, interviews, and media coverage.

Ms. Cullen has created a GoFundMe page for Behind the Thin Blue Line to raise funds. Funds will be used to create a website for the company, begin basic media relations outreach, and prepare media copy that will be used to fight “anti-public safety” legislation at the State and Federal government levels.

Behind the Thin Blue Line aims to work with activists in communities to challenge “anti-public safety” bills and the politicians pushing them across the United States.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC
Full Name: Marissa Cullen
Phone: 203-843-4166
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.behindthethinblueline.com

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