Phoenix Dream Foundation creates new positioning for charity work in Asia Pacific

United States, Illinois, Chicago – 04-25-2019 ( — Learning and education in the rural areas has always been a major challenge for all countries. The economic development of many rural areas is extremely shocking. Therefore, coastal cities with more developed economic development attracts a large number of people to migrate. This also include teachers who impart knowledge and education, which leads to the education problem of children in rural areas. According to statistics, 60% of the children who grows up in the rural area feels that they will be inferior to the kids who grow up in the city in future.

 On 10 April, the Dream Foundation visited Huayuan Elementary School, which is located in a rural area of Hsinchu, Taiwan. Other than providing gifts of donations and resources, Mr. Yang Wei, General manager of Phoenix Wealth Management Asia Pacific, and Timothee Kais, Senior Fund Manager Phoenix Wealth Management and a number of member volunteers also spent the day with the children by accompanying them, playing with them, chatting with them. They spent a meaningful and happy day together.  Phoenix Wealth Management set up Phoenix Dream Foundation in March this year. Phoenix Dream Foundation will first address the current and future needs of children and youth in the Asia Pacific region. Phoenix Wealth Management will promote the “Hundred Cities Charity through a city a month and provide funds, education, medical care etc, to 100 institutions dedicated to poverty and disability or regions stricken with poverty. With this, we hope to truly help the children change their current situation for the better and for them to have the opportunity to have a better life. Mr. David Yang, General manager of Phoenix Wealth Management Asia Pacific, said that in the short period of one month since the establishment of the Dream Foundation, we have launched three charity care activities in Thailand, Hunan and Hsinchu. Other than donations of items, we also make it a point to make time to accompany these children no matter how remote the area is or hard it is to get there. Ultimately, it is most worthwhile seeing the heartfelt smiles from the children. Dream Foundation has also arranged for charity activities in South Korea, Japan, Myanmar and other places, and will continue to help more youth and children in need. Mr. Yang also mentioned that since the establishment of the Phoenix Dream Foundation by Phoenix Wealth Management, it has been planning for activities in Hundred Cities Charity across Asia Pacific. In addition to hoping to helping needy children, we also hope that more people and companies can join us in helping those in need. We have been very excited to hear of our business partners and the community pay more attention to the importance of charity and support for the society. They have devoted themselves to charity and do their part for the society. This is really a great pleasure and honour for us. The Dream Foundation will continue to spread our love and to influence more to have more people join us in our journey to help children and youth in need, and to create a better world filled with love.

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