Phaze Concrete Proud of Employees’ Success On and Off Worksite

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2017 08:21 EDT

​​​Starting as a small company, Phaze Concrete has grown into one of the premier construction companies on the west coast.

Phaze Concrete has worked with big corporations in across the country. From big warehouses to hotels and airports, no job is too big or small for Phaze Concrete.

Landing multiple big projects in different states built the reputation of Phaze Concrete.

The company boasts their great employees, from the office staff to the foremen and the crews. These employees are the reason for the success.

Now, Phaze Concrete is investing back to their employees in many ways. They care about the well-being and the education of the people who helped the company rise to the top of their industry.

Advancements in technology are happening at a faster rate, and companies like Phaze have to keep up with the times. They are investing time and money into educational opportunities for their employees.

“We do not want our employees simply to come to work and earn a paycheck and go home,” says a Phaze Concrete representative. “We want them to come and have a valuable experience, learning transferable skills that can improve every aspect of their life.”

Phaze Concrete is helping its workers stay up-to-date with the latest changes in their industry and be happier with their jobs. One way is offering continuous training and number of incentives.

Through their apprenticeship program, new workers who did not receive their high school diploma can apply for a program to learn numerous transferable skills.

Family members of workers who also do not have their high school diploma can participate in the free apprenticeship program as well.

The program is part of a partnership with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships and has been recognized by the government for their work. Phaze is now part of 37,000 programs across the country that are involved in providing continuous training to their workers and families.

“When employees commit to the apprenticeship program, Phaze Concrete commits to giving well-rounded industry training,” adds the representative.

The company relies on the professionalism and skill of its workers. It is only natural for Phaze Concrete to invest in their employees.

These measures have paid off. Their Experience Modification (EMOD) ratings rose 0.72 percent, which demonstrates the hard work and skill of their employees.

“Doing the right thing has been an important value for the Phaze team, often going the extra mile to make sure customers get what they expected and have an active involvement with solutions to the daily challenges and hurdles of today’s construction industry. Our crews work hard as a team to keep commitments and schedules while traveling across the nation to deliver the quality the industry has come to expect from us.”

Phaze Concrete has taken the big step forward to help create a bright future for employees. Also, none of the training programs inside the company is unionized anymore.

On top of that, the training is available with no discrimination of race or gender. It is open to any employee and family member who seeks out to further their education and training.

Phaze Concrete started as a small company and grew to what it is today because of the employees who finished projects on time, and now the company is repaying by improving their way of life.

About Phaze Concrete: For over ten years, Phaze Concrete has been a leader in delivering quality concrete to the construction industry. The projects Phaze has worked on include large box office stores, warehouses, distribution centers, parking garages, hotels, hospitals, colleges, and custom homes.

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