Phantom Wireless Sensor Technology expands to support Modbus for Industry 4.0

United States, New York, South Glens Falls – 12-10-2019 ( — ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS delivers Modbus functionality for the entire Phantom wireless sensor eco-system.


ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is proud to announce the latest leap in technology for machinery health monitoring. The Phantom Online Monitoring suite now enables full featured integration with distributed control systems and factory automation systems that utilize the Modbus communications standard. 


Modbus…Delivering IIoT Asset Health Monitoring to Industry 4.0

Modbus is a communications protocol originally published by Modicon (now Schneider Electric) in 1979 for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Modbus has become a de facto standard communication protocol and is now a commonly available secure means of connecting industrial electronic devices. Phantom Modbus with the unmatched analytical power of the Phantom wireless machine monitoring system creates an unrivaled system when considering price, value, and capability.

Prescriptive Analytics combined with DCS integration

Following the ERBESSD strategy of making vibration analysis affordable, available, and accessible, the industry leading Phantom wireless monitoring eco-system is the very first of its kind. The Phantom line is API ready for developers, uses open-SQL architecture and now integrates with the industries standard distributed controls system communication protocol thus creating the very first and only fully wireless vibration, temperature, amperage, speed, and all-purpose sensor system that can be used for both analytical as well as controls and alarming purposes. 

Michael D. Howard, Chief Executive Officer of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated “the team at ERBESSD is driven to innovate. Where there is a need, where others are not listening to the customer, that is where we will be…delivering solutions that do not rely on proprietary technology and enabling easy-to-use and interpret prescriptive analytical systems that master machine health. The Phantom Condition Monitoring Sensor eco-system will continue to lead the way now and in the future.”

Dr. Thierry Erbessd, Chief Scientist, President and Founder of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated “Phantom Modbus further defines our companies unmatched commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of technology and delivering the very best condition monitoring solutions to the industry worldwide. Modbus integration takes the prescriptive analytical data formerly available only to reliability focused engineers and technicians and makes it available to the entire operations department…a first within our industry.”

ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS – Masters of Machine Health

With facilities in Merida and Mexico City, Mexico as well as Queensbury, New York, ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS develops the newest, cutting edge, cost effective, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, wireless online monitoring,  and laser alignment technologies with passion for integrity & our customers ultimate satisfaction.

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