Pastoring the Executive – A new approach to business coaching that could revolutionize executive work/life balance

United States, California, Corona – 03-26-2019 ( — The pressures of building and growing a business are taking a toll on many executives. To help overcome this, successful CEO and pastor Charlie Moulton has created Pastoring the Executive, a Christian-based mentoring and counseling service to help with the business and relationship problems executives struggle with, and help them to leave a legacy.

Charlie knows the successes and the pitfalls of running a business. “After climbing the corporate ladder and achieving my corporate goals, I decided to start my own business. As a result, my margin and my time for God and family became greatly reduced. After its initial, wild success, I eventually lost my business, my identity, and my confidence. When I picked myself up and got my priorities straight, my next business was very successful. After receiving a significant offer off the back of that success, I sold the company. Now I can concentrate on helping other business owners and executives reacquire the quality of life they deserve.”

Based in Southern California, Pastoring the Executive allows Charlie to combine his calling as the Senior Pastor of Lakeshore City Church with his business experience. As a Trustee of California Baptist University in Riverside, California, Charlie Moulton remains committed to improving outcomes for the local community, leveraging his vast business experience in a practical way.

To ensure every client receives the attention and commitment that brings success, Pastoring the Executive will help four to five executives at a time, ensuring that the help they need is available when they need it. Charlie works with each client to help them find the blend of business success and time for family and God that delivers the well-rounded, happy life that they and their families need. As pressure on executives is increasing rapidly, being able to step back and find a way to achieve goals without sacrificing other important parts of life is increasingly important

You can find out more about Pastoring the Executive at, with Charlie already assisting his first clients, early enquiries are recommended.

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