Pastapro Changes the Way You Think About Pasta for Fitness

Fiber Pasta U.S., the innovative and healthy pasta company, officially launched the PastaPro, Pasta for Fitness.

Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2017 —- Fiber Pasta U.S., the innovative and healthy pasta company, officially launched the PastaPro, Pasta for Fitness.

A product of FiberPasta, PastaPro, is a low carb, high protein, whole wheat pasta designed for athletes, vegans and people living a healthy lifestyle. Non-GMO and Certified USDA Organic, PastaPro delivers nutrition and taste to not only help you meet your daily protein goals, but also improve your diet and workout goals.

“PastaPro is a game changer for fitness minded individuals,” said FiberPasta CEO, Roberto Villani. “Compared to average pasta, PastaPro offers roughly three times the amount of protein per serving. PastaPro combines durum whole wheat semolina, pea protein, and inulin to create a perfectly balanced meal packed with amino acids and fiber. Protein helps build/repair muscle and keep you full for longer. Fiber further satisfies your appetite and also improves digestion.”

Like FiberPasta, PastaPro uses a special line of wheat flour that not only provides many health benefits, but also gives pasta that fantastic traditional taste and texture. PastaPro is made in Italy with Italian non-GMO wheat. PastaPro, unlike many high protein pasta imitation, can be re-heated keeping the structure of the pasta intact.

About FiberPasta: FiberPasta is a global group and an innovative healthy food company that offers a collection of Italian pastas and flour-based products that are perfect for diabetics, athletes, those who want to manage their weight or simply live a healthy life, but still enjoy delicious food. FiberPasta products are low glycemic, reduced in carbs, high in fiber, high in protein, non-GMO, and more. The original company (IPD – Dietetic Products Industry) was founded in 1996 by Giuseppe Polverini, who transformed a 150 years old watermill to create a modern system to produce a special line of wheat flour, a proprietary formula that took many years to perfect. “FiberPasta is the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. It represents the authentic taste of Italian tradition and the health benefits of fiber,” says Giuseppe Polverini. In 2001, FiberPasta was recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health that sanctioned the good qualities of this product with a special Ministerial Decree. Earlier this year, FiberPasta U.S. officially opened offices in Southern California and is selling a variety of products, including pasta, cookies, bread, flour, pizza crust/dough balls and more. For more information, please visit

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