Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ Engages In Corporate Philanthropy

United States – 10-20-2019 ( — As a leader in the auto protection sector, Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ is committed to giving back to the community. It achieves this objective by working with various stakeholders. As a result, it becomes easier to offer much-needed assistance.

The company’s social responsibility is strictly linked to its relationship with stakeholders. The nature of this relationship depends greatly on the policies, values, culture and, above all, the strategic vision that prevails at the core of the organization and in meeting these expectations.

Stakeholders raise a set of commitments that must be observed by companies wishing to work as socially responsible entities. Palmer has formulated a solid conceptual base for its citizen enterprise and contribution to sustainable development.

It is committed to improving the processes of monitoring and management of its philanthropic activities. This is aimed at taking into account the threefold dimension of charitable activity and the satisfaction of interest groups.

Additionally, auto protection is determined to introduce improvements to the company’s internal processes at all levels with a comprehensive management system that incorporates economic, social and environmental aspects. This is done with full cognizance of the expressed needs of different interest groups.

The actions enhance the company’s competitive advantages in relevant aspects. These include strengthening corporate reputation, customer loyalty, quality, and productivity increases, increasing the ability to attract and retain talent. The same applies to increasing the ability to attract financial resources.


Palmer is undoubtedly committed to upholding the basic principles of corporate social responsibility. These principles constitute fundamental rules governing the behavior of organizations. The application is consistent with the concept and objectives of corporate responsibility and the needs of interest groups.

The widely accepted principles proposed include transparency, verifiability, broad vision, continuous improvement and the social nature of the organization.

Transparency is a basic component of corporate social responsibility. It is based on the access to information that Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ provides about its social behavior. An essential instrument of transparency is the communication of corporate social responsibility through a report addressed to interest groups.

The report reflects Palmer’s commitment and participation. It provides complete and reliable information on the organization’s activity in dimensions that are useful to all stakeholders.

Social responsibilities

It is assumed that the organization must consider the needs and expectations of stakeholders in decision making As such, Palmer addresses all dimensions of corporate social responsibility in addition to all its direct and indirect activities and impacts. 

To gain an adequate level of knowledge of materiality in organizational behavior, it is vital to maintain good relations with corporate stakeholders. An organization must understand that corporate social responsibility affects all activities of the company as well as the broader concept of its entity. 

The socially responsible actions of the entity must be subject to external verification. Transparency and verifiability are necessary principles to achieve an adequate level of credibility. The verifiability is based on the possibility that an independent audit can prove the company’s actions. An independent auditor’s final report may provide evidence of verifiability of performance.

Broad Vision

The organization should focus its corporate social responsibility objectives on the broadest possible sustainability context. Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ considers the impact it has on the local, regional and global processes. This is done with a clear sense of inheritance for future generations. 

The situation in the context of sustainability will be due to multiple factors. Most relevant are the activity, location, and size of the organization. The broad vision principle assumes that organizations determine their macroeconomic impact, broadening the traditional view of the company at the microeconomic level.

Palmer offers a wide selection of auto warranty plans and allows clients to take advantage of simple claims processes.

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