“OTAKU HOUSE” has started an overseas visitors hands-on type guest house Crowd funding through Kickstarter!

KAWAHARA BLDG..4F, 1-20-7 JIN-NAN SHIBUYA, TOKYO, JAPAN – 08-24-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Beginning Friday, August 23rd, “OTAKU HOUSE” has started an overseas visitors hands-on type guest house Crowd funding through Kickstarter!

For one month, we will launch our first Crowd funding for OTAKU HOUSE. Starting Friday, August 23rd 2018 through Sunday, September 22nd 2018. 

OTAKU HOUSE is a hands-on type guest house where people from overseas can stay and experience Japanese content such as manga, anime, games and cosplay. 

We aim to collect our seed funding by stretching this process out through four times with set goals, in the span of approximately nine months. Through our first launch, we aim to secure property, and expand our property as stated in our stretch goal.

We have 21 types of rewords such as original products and for those who back us up.




  1. Capsule style Bunkroom

Enjoy your favorite anime or manga leisurely. LCD screen and reading light.

  1. Living room with anime books, manga books and games

The space you can communicate with people from all over the world.

  1. VR Experience room

Enjoy the latest VR

  1. Cosplay room

Experience cosplay, Photographing event with well-known cosplayers


How to join the Crowd Funding

Please support us through the crowd funding forum “Kickstarter”.

For more information about the founding, please go to our Facebook page “OTAKU HOUSE” to stay updated.



OTAKU HOUSE Kickstarter facilities page





About our teaser site?

On our teaser site, we are not only displaying our facilities, but we are waiting on reservations for OTAKU 

HOUSE as well. If you have ideas for OTAKU HOUSE to make it a better place, please let us know your ideas.

URL: http://www.otakuhouse.tokyo/en/



Our upcoming schedule?

August, 2018First Crowd Funding launch begins (Expected to launch 4 times between December)

October, 2018OTAKU HOUSE opening preparation begins

Spring, 2019OTAKU HOUSE opens


Company Profile?
Name?Southworks Co.Ltd.,
Establish?June, 2017
Founder?Kazuki Tomiyama
Description of Business?Localization of Japan-local gamesWeb consulting?Hotel business
Address?Kawahara bldg..4F, 1-20-7 Jin-nanShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
URL: http://southworks.co.jp/

?OTAKU HOUSEFacebookhttps://facebook.com/otakuhouse.tokyo/
?OTAKU HOUSETeaser site?http://otakuhouse.tokyo/en/

Contact Information?
MAIL: [email protected]


Media Contacts:

Company Name: SouthWorks Co.,Ltd
Full Name: Kazuki Tomiyama
Phone: 9019493374
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://southworks.co.jp/en/

For the original news story, please visit https://pressreleasejet.com/news/otaku-house-has-started-an-overseas-visitors-hands-on-type-guest-house-crowd-funding-through-kickstarter.html.

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