O2h Discovery: Chemistry in the Cloud™ – The World’s First App To Project Manage Drug Discovery

The app has the potential to transform the project management of internal and external drug discovery programs by providing access to all the project data at the fingertips of scientists, anytime, anywhere. The app provides a wide range of functionality to facilitate quicker decision making in a fast moving drug discovery environment where it is vital to reach the next research milestone to ensure the survival of the project.

The app’s full suite of project management tools is available exclusively to live project collaborators and a lighter version is open for researchers looking for a quote for the synthesis of small molecules. A new iOS release is available on the 31stOctober 2017. Please contact [email protected] or +44-1223-437014 for a live demonstration of the app or for in-licensing opportunities of the technology.


“The app looks to be a valuable additional resource for chemistry management as it provides a broad range of project related information at the fingertips and also allows the user to make quick decisions on the go e.g. authorizing purchase of starting materials.”- Dr David Walker, Programme Manager, Sentinel Oncology, UK

“This app is innovatively designed and allows us to manage critical project activities in real time, including starting material tracking and approval of project milestones. A key element of the app is that it provides access to all of the project-related information in one place, which enables us to rapidly and efficiently manage project priorities.” – Dr Herschel Mukherjee, Medicinal Chemist, Arrakis Therapeutics, USA

“The app is very innovative and will completely revolutionise how we interact with our FTE team in India. It should allow for real time interaction with the team and allow swift approval of starting material and reprioritization of targets as the project responses to the latest data.” – Director Medicinal Chemistry, UK Biotech 

About O2h Ventures Ltd

o2h Ventures has an integrated drug discovery platform operating from our offices in Cambridge and our state-of-the-art research centre in India. We have the in-house capability to execute hit-lead optimisation programs leading into patent and IND filing incubator with expertise in discovery chemistry, biology/pharmacology and the on-going project management of pre-clinical development.  We have developed an engine for seeding a pipeline of early stage life science assets through collaborations, in-licensing, spin-out and investments. Please see www.o2h.com for more details.

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