New Scandalous Costume Options for Men

Strong Pirate Outfit

Strong Pirate Outfit

Many costume outfitters offer men’s options, but they tend to lack creativity and uniqueness.

A new batch of men’s costumes are ready to order from Halloween and general occasion festive costume giant This expansion of options, from choices for the bedroom to garments for a costume party and everything in between, comes as the company continues to strive to satisfy every customer.

It often seems like the market for flirty costumes has many more options for women than for men. Each year at Halloween and costume-themed events, you see more sexy nurses and cats than any flirty male costumes. Costume superstore aims to change this with an array of new arrivals.
These new costumes include modern takes on classics such as “Sexy Firefighter” and “Handsome Vampire” as well as some creative twists, like “Bulky Sheep” and “Male Day of the Dead.” Ironic male takes on the classic female schoolgirl and nurse get-ups also result in new costumes, such as “Schoolboy” and “Midnight Nurse.”

Many costume outfitters offer men’s options, but they tend to lack creativity and uniqueness.’s new styles show that the company is putting a huge effort into not following the bland trends in male costume design and is instead providing intricate themed costumes and accessories.

For example, the new “Egyptian God” men’s costume comes complete with a headpiece, a golden cape, and a sword as well as a golden emblem attached to the front of the costume. The “Wild Thing Prince” costume, reminiscent of the male protagonist in Beauty and The Beast, is a creative costume that combines elements of beast and royalty while still being comfortable for the wearer.

Another aspect that incorporates into its latest new batch of styles is a variety of options for almost any occasion. For example, some costumes aren’t meant to be worn out of the house… or even out of the bedroom.

For roleplaying costume lovers, offers such classics as the “Rip Off” bikini, “Tough Guy Lace,” and various different thong styles and themes. For the scantily clad holiday party, shoppers can choose from more revealing (but appropriate for public events) costumes such as “Men’s Scottish Kilt,” “Egyptian God,” and “Lace Bullfighter.”

This does not mean that sexy costumes are the only ones available at There are plenty of options for a fuller coverage costume that are suitable for pretty much any Halloween or costume-themed event. These include choices such as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, “Graveyard Groom,” “Day of the Dead,” and “Mr. Mischievous Wolf.”

From its North Carolina costume warehouse, aims to make finding the perfect costume easy for anyone looking for fun, festive, and often flirty apparel to fit any theme. From 1998 when the company started processing orders from a kitchen table to its state-of-the-art processing facility today,’s mission has always been to provide creative, affordable costumes and high-quality lingerie to anyone in need.

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