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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 09-18-2018 ( — Individual entities Richard Globensky, Bio-Medical Engineer and retired business owner, and Becky Caneday, small business owner, announce the release of the innovative design concept of their Attic Ladder Bin Lift Escalator. This design is available in intellectual property form, which includes trademark and copyright.

The Attic Ladder Bin Lift Escalator combines innovation with simplicity and safety to bring attic storage to a new level of ease, accessibility and affordability. This product is ideal for the 74.9 million baby boomers living in the U.S., as well as their millenial children. When contacted, the American Ladder Institute representative indicated that if this were to go to market, it could be the best thing to happen to attic ladder safety.

Just imagine having a proprietary product that takes the dread out of decorating for Christmas or relieves the worry from an adult child living across the country from their aging parents. The ease, safety and peace of mind your product could provide, at an affordable price, would be invaluable.

The Attic Ladder Bin Lift Escalator includes a collapsible polypropylene sled, docking station, 110V A/C bracket fused, manual resettable winch, handheld remote control fob and safety tagline. When not in use, both the sled and docking station swing back into the rafters for storage.

“This product combines innovation with a simple design that will appeal to the proprietary market in form, fit and function,” said Richard Globensky, inventor of the bin escalator. “It will operate with any attic ladder on the market without modification or retrofitting. We anticipate tremendous interest in this proprietary product.”

The mission of the Attic Ladder Bin Lift Escalator was to create an innovative product to safely escalate on any attic ladder. This intellectual property, with trademark, copyright and engineered in 5 disciplines (fabrication, thermoform, injection molding, rotocast and blow-molded), is available to anyone seeking ownership of a proprietary product.

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Company Name: Attic Ladder Bin Lift Escalator
Full Name: Becky Caneday
Phone: 651-329-6996
Email Address: Send Email

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