New PFT Boot Camp Poised To Save Military And Law-Enforcement Recruitment

LOS ANGELES, CA – 09-07-2017 (Press Release Jet) — The military and law-enforcement have a recruitment problem—Physical Fitness Tests (PFTs).  Too many recruits are simply too unprepared and out of shape to pass minimum fitness requirements.  This unprecedented phenomenon contributes to souring recruitment rates.  In an effort to reverse these alarming trends, The Run Faster Coach and Founder of GreenRunner, Martise Moore, introduces Pass Your PFT Boot Camp at  This new PFT preparedness program serves as a much needed pre-boot-camp and pre-academy training for military and law-enforcement candidates.

“I’m on a mission to help military and law-enforcement candidates get and keep the service careers they want, so they can make the impact they want to make in the world,” says Moore.  “After helping candidates here in LA start new careers and get promotions, I’m excited to share what works with the masses!” 

Pass Your PFT Boot Camp is an online program that makes comprehensive PFT training affordable and accessible to recruits and active personnel around the globe.  The membership-based program is designed to help all fitness levels pass their runs, push-ups and sit-ups in less than 90 days. 

Former client, Angela P., attests to the power of the pre-conditioning program.  After failing multiple law-enforcement PFTs on her own, Angela finally made it into the police academy after using the Pass Your PFT Formula.  “I scored excellent across the board!” said Angela.

Pass Your PFT Boot Camp highlights foundational success training like efficient running form and mental power exercises that most traditional military and law-enforcement programs lack.  Overall, the Boot Camp’s mental, physical and strategic approach to PFTs reduces injury risk and sets candidates up for improved strength, speed, endurance and mental toughness.  It also sets the military and law-enforcement up with stronger candidates.  

Recruits and active personnel interested in passing and surpassing PFT requirements can get more details about Pass Your PFT Boot Camp at

About The Run Faster Coach

As a four-time sprint-hurdle state champion and former USC scholar-athlete, Martise Moore helps athletes, weekend warriors, and military and law-enforcement candidates run faster for sports, races, and physical fitness tests (PFTs).  She’s honored to serve goal-oriented clients who are ready for life-changing growth and achievement.  She specializes in efficient running form, speed, endurance, hurdle techniques, mental power and race readiness.  Using her Run Faster Formula, her clients celebrate PRs in track, cross country, 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons and fitness tests. 

About GreenRunner

GreenRunner is a run faster coaching company that helps athletes, weekend warriors, and military and law-enforcement candidates run faster for sports, races and physical fitness tests (PFTs). Learn more about GreenRunner at, on Twitter @GreenRunnerLA, on Instagram @GreenRunnerLA or at

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Company Name: GreenRunner
Full Name: Martise Moore
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