New Free Mobile Game Offers Breakthrough Dual Reality Experience Where Playing Leads to Land Conservation

Press Release updated: Oct 24, 2017 08:00 EDT

SmashParks is announcing the immediate availability of Smoggle Smash, enabling mobile device owners to take part in this revolutionary game that connects mobile gaming with real-world results.

“It has never been simpler to relax, yet still do something meaningful for our world,” said Robert Jones, CEO of SmashParks, Inc.

What Is Smoggle Smash
Smoggle Smash is a mobile game that allows users to preserve actual land into the SmashParks conservation initiative, as well as earn real-world rewards for gameplay. Smoggle Smash is a hybrid tower defense with tapper component, where players gain glory by ridding their parks of the smoggle invasion. Activities, monuments, naming rights to the real-world land, and future locations of Smash Parks will be determined based on actual results from Smoggle Smash. The first season of Smoggle Smash is currently underway, with the ultimate reward of naming rights, monuments, and activities closing on Dec. 31, 2017.

Smoggle Smash will allow gamers to make a real-world difference within a gaming environment. Users can play the game or bypass it completely to solely concentrate on our conservation initiative by simply watching a 30-second video ad. Each ad watched or in-app purchase made shows the player how much land they have conserved in real-life.

Smoggle Smash Availability
Smoggle Smash is a mobile game driven by user feedback as a part of SmashParks’ commitment to provide a user experience that transcends the virtual world. Smoggle Smash is available immediately for download on the Android and Apple marketplaces.

Founded in 2017, SmashParks seeks to be the worldwide leader in dual reality gaming.

SmashParks, Inc. (Smoggle Smash) is a dual reality gaming experience that is patent pending. SmashParks and Smoggle Smash are trademarks of SmashParks, Inc. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is prohibited without the expressed written consent of SmashParks, Inc.

For more information, press only:
Justin Fields
[email protected]

For more information on Smoggle Smash:
Download Smoggle Smash Now (Android)
Download Smoggle Smash Now (iOS)

Source: SmashParks, Inc

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