New Coaching Program Offers Framework For Defining Values, Improving Decision-making

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL – 10-02-2018 ( — Research From Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz Configured for Practical Application

Discover Your Values, a new program leveraging “The Theory of Basic Human Values” as pioneered by Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz, today announced its official launch. The new program offers a framework for understanding one’s core values, which can now be used by the professional development community, training organizations, coaches, and the general public.

The program builds on the work of Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and former Scientific Supervisor of the Socio-Cultural Laboratory at the National Research University—Higher School of Economics in Moscow. A leading social psychologist on human values, Dr. Schwartz’ work and the Schwartz Value Survey (SVS) assessment have been widely accepted and validated by the scientific community.

“I’m glad to see my research, findings, and theories now translated into a practical tool that may be applied to help others within a personal development and coaching environment,” explained Dr. Schwartz, whose research has been published internationally in journals of social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, developmental psychology, political psychology, sociology, education, law, and economics. He has also collaborated with approximately 150 researchers who have already applied his theories and methods for measuring values in more than 80 countries.

Discover Your Values includes a comprehensive workbook complete with exercises and activities designed to help users identify, prioritize, and honor their personal values. For life, career, and professional coaches within corporate, academic, and private practice, the program aims to become a go-to resource for facilitating early conversations on values with clients, students, and employees. Packaging validated research into a tool for practical coaching application, the program effectively fills a gap in an industry that lacks the framework to guide discussions on personal values and character strengths. For the general public, the downloadable workbook offers a useful step-by-step process to improve clarity, enhance decision-making, and promote greater personal fulfillment.

“Today, coaches have access to great tools for strengths-based development, like Clifton StrengthsFinder and VIA Character Strengths, however when it comes to values-based development coaches need more robust tools that are backed by research, and the Schwartz Value Survey fills that need,” explained Jacob J. Morris, founder of Discover Your Values. Coming in 2019, the company will also be organizing a live telecast conference uniting coaching industry professionals on values-based development. To learn more about the program, visit

About Discover Your Values

Discover Your Values is a coaching and personal development program that leverages “The Theory of Basic Human Values”, which was pioneered by Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz. This program provides a tool for coaches and the general public to explore core values across 10 value domains and 57 individual values.

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