New cash pay family clinic NOW OPEN in west Houston


Total Wellness Family Clinic has opened its doors in West Houston in order to provide the best quality health care services to all patients. This means to patients of all gender, age, and different health problems. The clinic, which has a cash pay, walk-in practice, is opened with a mission to provide families with affordable health care.

Total Wellness Family Clinic provides a cash pay care system. Benefits of that system help patients to avoid consequences of being uninsured or have barriers with high deductible insurance, shorter wait times, protected patient-therapist relationship, and all patients are welcome.

Francine Nosworthy, a current provider of the clinic, said: “Coming from a community health clinic, I was very perplexed with the overwhelming volume of patients who needed to have access to affordable healthcare.” This passion to make a difference has driven her to open a new clinic. The launch comes at an opportune time with the roll-out prompting more families to search for local, affordable care.

Total Wellness Family Clinic provides an innovative alternative to those seeking expertise and integrated care. With 20 years of nursing experience, the clinic can take care of the complexities of health problems. Clinic’s goal is to maintain a level of professionalism that will make patients feels comfortable with thecarethat is provided.

The clinic additionally provides numerous services such as preventive health (which includes adult and child examinations, gynecology and woman health), management of chronic illness (hypertension, diabetes high cholesterol, mild pulmonary conditions, arthritis, depression/anxiety, migraines) and acute illness (influenza, sore throat, pink eye, common viral infections, UTI, vomiting and diarrhea, skin rash, STD screening). The clinic is providing services related to minor trauma, occupational health and sports, and specialty physician referrals as well.

The efficiency of Total Wellness Family Clinic will help patients to take care of their health in a best possible way and to identify the patient’s problems.

The clinic will be offering free screening on the second Saturday of October through December. The main advantage of the Clinic is that it is open to all patients starting from age 1. It is located at 2384 S Dairy Ashford Rd, West Houston.

Families who want more information or wish to make an appointment can visit the website or call 832-243-6104.

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Company Name: Total Wellness Family Clinic
Full Name: Francine Noswothy
Phone: 713-364-6166
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