NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ Introduces Industry-Grade Protection Plan To Give Customers Greater Comfort

United States – 10-16-2019 ( — NCWC Inc is a New Jersey-based American company that has one goal, which is providing affordable and reliable extensive service plans. If you have experienced the inconvenience and stress of the unexpected vehicle repairs, you will know fully well how the process can be taxing. From being forced to go for days without a car to paying from your own carpet, NCWC knows pretty well what customers go through. If you want a comprehensive service plan that guarantees protection against the most expensive vehicle repairs and the inconveniences involved, visit the NCWC Inc website for more information today.

Like most auto owners, you might think that a car warranty is enough to cover all your costs. But the truth is that most warranties don’t include several repair options. You will learn this at the worst time when you take your car in for repair. The team at NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ will break down your warranty to you so that you understand where you are in case you need to repair your vehicle. This will help you to understand the benefits of buying the NCWC Inc coverage plans.


NCWC Inc. perfectly understands that the market is awash with several extended service plan providers but refuses to believe that this offers enough solution for customers. For over two decades, the company has been serving its customers with outstanding customer service that saw them offer flexible service plans and simple claims processing.


NCWC Inc. award-winning Service Plans

The service plans from NCWC have been designed with flexibility, reliability, affordability, and customizability in mind. They intend to create a service plan that matches every type of budget, vehicle, and driver.

Select Coverage Plan

This is a full-coverage plan that protects the most important components of a vehicle. The result is that vehicle owners will have comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are shielded from paying out-of-pocket costs when faced with major repair bills.

This provides vehicle owners with the comfort of knowing they are protected against out-of-pocket costs of major repair bills. This plan is recommended for newer vehicles.


Engine Coverage

This plan is designed for older vehicles because it covers the most expensive repair bills common with vehicles of higher mileage. The plan covers some engine parts and repairs. Even though it isn’t the most expensive plan you can get, it provides auto owners with comfort knowing that they are covered from the most expensive engine repair bills. The plan is suitable for those on a budget.


Powertrain Coverage

Thanks to the Powertrain coverage, your vehicle’s transmission, engine, and drive axles are covered. These vehicle components usually sustain heavy wear and tear and are also some of the most expensive to replace or repair. This kind of plan is recommended for those with newer vehicles that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and who wants to keep their vehicle even after the warranty has run out.

Powertrain Enhanced

On the other hand, the Powertrain Enhanced coverage protects you from everything in the Powertrain coverage plans such as engine, transmission, and drive axles. Also, the enhanced plan includes the electrical, drive axles, brakes, steering, and the air conditioning. This comprehensive plan covers most of the repairs needed in various vehicles.

If you want an extensive auto service provider to cover you during your worst times, you will be pleased to know that NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ will stand with you no matter your situation. Whether it’s basic or comprehensive plans, the company ensures that they suit every driver, budget and vehicle. They also offer a simple claims processing service. Find the NCWC Inc. near you and enjoy the peace of mind like never before.

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