Name Plates With Colored Borders: Plastic Products Mfg.’s Latest Annoucement

Plastic Products Mfg is taking Name Plate displays to colorful new levels with Colored Border Series Name Plates.

Press Release updated: Oct 26, 2017 08:00 PDT

Plastic Products Mfg is taking Name Plates to colorful new levels with Colored Border Series Name Plates. They’re built to last and attractive in any décor with Black, White, Silver, Bronze, and Gold options.

Designed with premium thickness acrylic, these dynamic, versatile Cubicle Name Plates are geared for a variety of applications: showcasing Names, Titles, and Categories on Cubicles and even Glass Partitions…and in Work Stations and Conference Rooms.

Professional looking with polished edges, Name Plate sizes can be customized with select bulk quantity orders.  And the Cubicle Name Plate itself can also be silk-screened/imprinted to customer specifications. Personalized branding options give these single sided Name Plates a value-added benefit not always available in other materials.  

Personalized branding options give these Name Plates a value-added benefit not always available in other materials

William Saunders, President

Perforated card-stock is also included with the Cubicle Name Plate Signs and Inserts: 8-1/2” x 2-1/2.” This free perforated paper is ideal for those who create their own designs, and Plastic Products Mfg offers standard templates on white perforated card-stock for use with laser or ink jet printers.

Cost effective and durable, sturdy acrylic Colored Border Name Plates are an economical investment due to their ability to withstand scratches, fading, dings, and hard knocks. Direct from the manufacturer pricing also provides more value for the dollar. It’s also a Name Plate that’s easy to move without breakage or damaging cubicle walls.

Whether creating in-house designs or using pre-printed Cubicle Inserts, the Cubicle Name Plate Series also offers a used-friendly approach with inserts easily changeable from the side. These Cubicle Name Plates are lightweight, and no tools are needed for easy installation straight out of the box.

Double sided Name Plates for identification are also available upon request, and Customer Service Representatives are taking orders now for eye-catching new Colored Border Series Name Plates.

Source: Plastic Products Mfg.

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