SEATTLE, WA – 11-09-2018 ( — It’s no secret that our current society is passionate about becoming the best version of themselves through enhanced health and fitness practices. With so many products on the market, it can be hard for brands to stand out and catch the attention and hearts of consumers. Naked Nutrient by Desco LLC has found a way to become a staple in homes and in the hearts of their users by being true to the foods. Naked Nutrient provides all-natural all-organic products that allow consumers to be worry-free when it comes to additives and processed foods, and create a more health-conscious way of life. 

In learning more about Naked Nutrient, (BDO), has decided to highlight Naked Nutrient’sMushroom Powder benefits and it’s immune-boosting necessity for the Fall. Mushrooms contain powerful compounds that enhance and balance the body’s ability to fight disease and stay healthy. Those especially containing Chaga and Reishi Mushroom powder. These vegetables are jam-packed with healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that destroy infections, slow down aging, and regenerate nerve cells. 

These natural protective ingredients work together to fight cancer, viruses, and inflammation to supercharge the immune system. They modify cytokines, which are inflammatory messengers that can suppress white blood cells and make you more susceptible to getting sick (think colds and flu). 

BDO reaches over 30 million readers monthly and has over 2 million followers on Facebook. Naked Nutrient is excited to be feature within this publication and looks forward to additional collaborations within the media. 

About Naked Nutrient 

Naked Nutrient by Deseo was created out of sheer desperation to bring “premium” but affordable Organic Superfoods into the market. The small family run business is making a difference in people’s lives by providing premium quality products. Naked Nutrient, as the name depicts, concentrates on sourcing the purest nutrients with the least amount of altering, that are all derived from nature, or as their motto “Sourced from Nature”.  Naked Nature products have no additives, no chemical, no binders, no fillers, and minimal processing.

“We want everyone to be able to afford “Premium” organic supplements. It’s why we created Naked Nutrient in the first place” says owner and creator Amanda Sweetman.  She further goes on, “We believe that what we consume and what we use is so important, from the purest superfoods supplements, to the most natural products to use at home.”

What a video on how to make Mushroom Powder Coffee:

For more information, contact Amanda Sweetman [email protected]

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