GREENWOOD-GREENVILLE MS – 11-09-2018 ( — “I’m living my best life.” It’s a phrase we hear more and more–seemingly almost everywhere we go, but what does it mean? Naked Nutrient by Desco LLC has found a way to define the phrase and become a staple in homes and hearts alike. Naked Nutrient products allow users to live their best life by creating one with all-natural all-organic products. It’s easy to be worry-free when it comes to additives and processed foods, and create a more health-conscious way of life when using Naked Nutrient’s Black Oil Seed and more. 

In learning more about Naked Nutrient, (BDO), has decided to highlight Naked Nutrient’s Black Seed oil benefits as a Diabetes fighting nutrient. Also called black caraway, black cumin, and kalonji, black seed oil is the product of a small flowering shrub native to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Known as Nigella sativa, this purple or white-tinged flower produces fruits containing tiny black seeds which have been used in remedies for thousands of years.

Type 2 diabetes had a global prevalence estimate of 2.8% in the year 2000 and is projected to be 4.4% in 2030, an article published by the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism says. Furthermore, prevention can be tricky. So where does black seed oil come into play? Nigella sativa has scientifically been shown to stabilize blood sugar in type 2 diabetics. Unlike metformin, commonly prescribed to diabetics, black cumin oil side effects are none.

BDO reaches over 30 million readers monthly and has over 2 million followers on Facebook. Naked Nutrient is excited to be a feature within this publication and looks forward to additional collaborations within the media. 

About Naked Nutrient 

Naked Nutrient by Deseo was created out of sheer desperation to bring “premium” but affordable Organic Superfoods into the market. The small family run business is making a difference in people’s lives by providing premium quality products. Naked Nutrient, as the name depicts, concentrates on sourcing the purest nutrients with the least amount of altering, that are all derived from nature, or as their motto “Sourced from Nature”.  Naked Nature products have no additives, no chemical, no binders, no fillers, and minimal processing.

“To retain the most potent nutrients from nature. In doing so, getting the most out of each product. We believe that what we consume and what we use is so important, we created a brand to circle around all things natural. From the purest superfoods, to the most natural products to use at home” says creator Amanda Sweetman from Naked Nutrient. 

For more information, contact Amanda Sweetman [email protected]

Watch a video that highlights more benefits of this amazing Black Seed Oil: 


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