Multi-Million Pound Lifeline for Buy-to-Let Investors

NEW YORK – 10-05-2018 ( — In the current marketplace there are a lot of unknowns. Brexit has turned the UK property market on its head and many have no idea what direction they are heading anymore. Erin Scott, the Managing Director of KB Holdings, has found a way to capitalise on this uncertainty. 


Scott has developed a service that provides buy-to-let investors with stability and guaranteed income from rental properties for a 3 to 5 year period.


A primary concern for landlords is not being able to rely on a stable revenue stream. Sometimes their tenants will pay rent late or won’t pay it at all. Other times a landlord has to sit on an empty property they are making no returns on.


All of these are risks associated with being a landlord, we alleviate these risks with our Guaranteed Rent service. The financial stability we provide with our service helps guarantee income for landlords in and around Greater London. 


How It Works

While it may sound too good to be true, our service is much simpler than you think. In short, our company rents your property, guaranteeing you a steady stream of income. Then our company will rent out the property for you. We take over all of the management duties, using our wealth of experience to find reliable renters. To summarise, you would be outsourcing the management of your properties, making less work for you, all while minimising your risk. This means earning passive income without your own personal intervention – every landlord’s dream. 

Benefits of Our Service:

  • A guaranteed rental income on time, every month for a minimum of 3 years
  • No void periods
  • No set-up, hidden, or monthly fees/commissions
  • We handle all tenant enquiries and complaints
  • We guarantee a contractual start date regardless of how long it takes to find a tenant
  • We conduct regular property inspections and management of maintenance 
  • Internal condition guaranteed
  • Your property is returned in the same quality condition as the start of the contract
  • We invest our own capital to modernise your property when we believe it will create (with your consent)
  • Our in-house professional cleaning service is provided to the properties at regular intervals and at the request and need of each individual tenant. 
  • No agency fees.




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