MINDBOO APP: The Best App for Improving Brainpower

USA – 10-24-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — MINDBOO App is designed to help people all over the world enhance their brainpower and have fun while doing so. It was developed by an outstanding information technology company that deals with human brains developments and improvement by innovating exceptional and fun technologies that improve brain functionalities.


Just as the human body muscle needs to be kept fit for a longer, happier and healthier life, the body’s controlling organ, which is the human brain, needs to be kept fit. Training the brain boosts working memory for individuals, regardless of their age and it ensures human beings attain their fullest brainpower potential.

The founders and directors of MINDBOO Limited have come to realize this and have developed a wonderful app that can help individuals all over the world improve their brainpower and have fun during this development process.

Mindboo app is designed in form of a game and social network to enhance virtually all the things in the human head such as attention, memory, problem-solving ability, processing speed and so on. 

The app has games and puzzles specifically designed to increase brain efficiency and academic abilities of users. The more the app is used, the more the user improves vital cognitive abilities that are designed to enhance productivity, earning power and self-confidence.


Aside from being available in 4 languages, let’s take a look at other amazing features that make this app stand out:

  • Brain Labs: Mindboo app has virtual brain laboratories where you can test your cognitive skills. Each laboratory is a level in the game in which you have to win in order to go to the next laboratory.
  • Body Movement: Some of the exciting challenges in Mindboo require your physical body movement wherein your brain and body work together in different conditions to win the challenge. It is a mix of your brain power with body movement to travel on a crazy journey from the foundation laboratory to the Mars Laboratory.
  • User Profile: Each user has a profile where they can post things, monitor their brain progress. You can follow other users to see their brain power, request brain challenge, send them a message, and post in their profiles, like, share and comments on their posts.
  • New Feeds: As a user, you can see what’s happening around the world or with the people you follow. You get to see what their posts, challenges your friends have done, brain battles and available online brain challenges to join.
  • Chat: Mindboo allows you to chat with other users, inside and outside brain challenges.
  • Real-Time Brain Challenges: Join the world brain challenges or compete against friends in real-time challenges.



It is beneficial for adults and it is also a great brain development tool for children aged 7 and above. The mobile application is free to download and use. It is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For additional app details, including a video trailer, visit http://www.mindboo.com/



Incorporated on 16 December 2015, MINDBOO LIMITED is a private limited company with share capital. It registered office is located in Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland. The firm’s declared SIC number is 62090, which means other information technology service activities. The company currently focuses on innovating new technologies that improve the human brain functionalities.http://www.mindboo.com/


Media Contact


Contact:Mostafa Shewali

Email Address:[email protected] 


IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mindboo/id1260189383?ls=1&mt=8 

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mindboo 

Media Contacts:

Full Name: Mostafa Shewali
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://www.mindboo.com/

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