Mind Peace Clinics Opens Second Ketamine Infusion Center in Richmond, VA

RICHMOND VA – 10-10-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — In response to the incredible growth and research advancement of Ketamine infusion therapy in the treatment of depression, PTSD,severe anxiety and neuropathic pain, Medical Director Dr. Oliver is expanding his Mind Peace Clinic from one location in Arlington, VA to a new additional location now open in Richmond, VA. Mind Peace Clinics offer the highest level of patient care coupled with industry-leading recommendations and custom treatment options to meet the unique needs of patients.

In addition to being the Medical Director at both the NoVA Mind Peace Clinic in Arlington, Virginia and the RVA Mind Peace Clinic in Richmond’s Fan District, Dr. Oliver’s practice has employed the use of Ketamine infusions for more than ten (10) years. 

While some clinics offer free consultations, Mind Peace Clinics go above and beyond a basic health history to thoroughly evaluate the physical and psychiatric aspects of each individual by completing a 12 lead EKG to ensure proper heart functions; establishing a mood/pain baseline along with an electronic monitoring system; analyzing both blood and urine samples to rule out underlying conditions; offering an understandable explanation of the entire process; and consulting with the current primary care physician and mental health provider. A detailed description of all costs will be provided, though insurance is not accepted.

The American Psychiatric Association’s Consensus Statement published in 2017 recommends ketamine therapy for patients who have failed other treatments. “In Mind Peace Clinics, Dr. Oliver has seen success of approximately 75%, or three of four patients, who complete all six Ketamine infusions. The overwhelming majority of these patients continue to have remission of their symptoms with ‘Booster Infusions’ provided on an as-needed basis,” as stated on the company’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about low dose Ketamine Infusion Therapy, please follow this link to schedule a consultation: www.mindpeaceclinic.com


ARLINGTON LOCATION (703) 340-1454          RICHMOND LOCATION  (804) 286-0082

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