Mimvi SEO Donates to Susan G. Komen, to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK – 10-12-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Mimvi SEO, Long Island’s top SEO Company, has made a generous donation, in recognition of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to Susan G. Komen, the largest breast cancer organization in the United States.  While Mimvi SEO, LLC has been navigating and dominating the search engine optimization and internet marketing landscape on Long Island and New York City, they have continuously given back to the community. One of Mimvi SEO, LLC’s core foundations has always been to help those who need it most through monetary and time donations.  While doctors and other medical professionals work tirelessly to cure and eradicate breast cancer, it is the feeling of Mimvi SEO, LLC, it’s Chief Executive Officer and it’s employees that financial constraints should not hinder those efforts.

Susan G. Komen’s mission is simple: to save lives by aiding those in the community and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.  While breast cancer can impact the life of anyone, male or female, it is most commonly seen in females.  It is estimated that 2017 will see over 250,000 new cases of breast cancer in women alone.  The good news: mortality from breast cancer is down 38% since 1989.  Mimvi SEO Agency recognizes that this is due in large part to the efforts of Susan G. Komen and the over $920,000,000 they have raised to fund breast cancer research.  Despite the immense strides that have been made to eradicate and fight breast cancer, the work is not done; this was Mimvi SEO, LLC’s motivation to donate to Susan G. Komen, to defeat breast cancer.

“I think it is probably far to say that everyone today knows someone with breast cancer. And this must end. The work that Susan G. Komen does is truly miraculous for so many men and women that are currently fighting or previously fought breast cancer. They are truly worthy of every dollar that is donated to their cause for the work they do within the breast cancer community and the research world.  Now is the time to donate what we can to help Susan G. Komen end the fight against breast cancer. At Mimvi SEO, LLC, we like to believe that we pave the way for SEO and internet marketing; we take pride in what we do. And we have admiration and respect for Susan G. Komen’s work in the future and in the past,” said CEO, Marcus Becker.

With its generous donation, Mimvi SEO, LLC hopes that Susan G. Komen will continue on its path to ending breast cancer.

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