Military Spouse Starts Online Marketplace to Support Mil/Vet Spouse & Service Member Owned Businesses in the U.S.

– 02-14-2020 ( —  — Las Vegas, NV –  A determined USAF military spouse follows her dreams to start a company that would be able to help others. Living a military life can face some challenges when it comes to careers for spouses, since many families have to relocate often. Throughout her military journey she has noticed so many spouses & service members also become entrepreneurs, allowing them to have more flexibility & freedom doing something they really love while bringing in some extra income. Support is the number one thing that comes along with living a military life, Monica the founder of Spouse-ly wanted to create a platform that would allow everyone to support the amazing talent within the Mil/Vet spouse & service member community. After seeing a number of people asking for business recommendations and looking for ways they could support our community, that’s when the idea of Spouse-ly was born. Monica turned an idea into reality within a few months by launching Spouse-ly! A one-stop shop to support Mil/Vet spouses, families & service member owned businesses all over the United States. On Spouse-ly you can find both products & services, creating a very unique and easy place to find everything you need in one spot. You can even utilize their local search feature to find businesses near you.You must be verified Mil/Vet spouse or service member to become a vendor on Spouse-ly, but anyone can shop & support! Spouse-ly also features a blog contributed both by the company & vendors, featured families, and much more. As Spouse-ly continues to grow you will be able to find a little bit of everything, creating a true one-stop shop. 

 When you shop on Spouse-ly you are not only supporting a truly amazing & talented community but you are supporting a lot of companies that were created to help others. There are a number of vendors on Spouse-ly that have a passion for giving back. This is part of the reason why Monica wanted to follow through with starting this platform, because the amount of support & good hearted people her site will be filled with will be so worth growing the company from the ground up. Spouse-ly allows us all to grow together, and encourages buyers to shop small & support one another. The company encourages all customers to check back often, they plan to add new vendors daily. Some of the product categories include apparel, crafts, art, home, kids & baby, entertainment & more. The service categories include photography, real estate, business, taxes, health & fitness & more. The website design is both functional & airy, bringing a new look to this type of platform. Head on over to to start shopping & supporting today. 

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