Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation to Open SACC Summit 2017

SACC Summit is the most followed Swedish American conference of the year. Professor Robert Langer, former CTO of Volvo, Professor Jeff Karp, and renowned business leaders to present on biotech, self driving cars, Swedish American relations, and sustainability.

Press Release updated: Oct 23, 2017 14:31 EDT

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New England (SACC-NE) together with SACC-USA will arrange the annual flagship business and networking event in Boston on October 25th, 2017 at 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA. SACC Summit is the biggest and most followed Swedish American event of the year in the country, followed by Swedish industry and government officials alike. Executive Directors, Chairmen, and Board Directors of the 20 regional SACC chambers will fly in from across the United States to attend talks and panel discussions hosted by leaders in biotech, food tech sustainability, innovation, investment, academia, and self driving trucks.

“This is a unique opportunity to get the latest insights in the Swedish and American bilateral trade relationship as well as to meet and network with decision makers. Everyone that is interested in business through innovation should participate at this event in Boston.” Johan Marcus, President of SACC-USA, says. “SACC Summit 2017 serves as a powerful testament to the collaborative business bridge we have worked hard to forge between Boston and Sweden over the years. We are looking forward to introducing our regional SACC chambers, Swedish government leaders, renowned executives, and entrepreneurs to all that the city of Boston and the business community here has to offer,” says Christina Björnström, President of SACC-NE.

Among the speakers: Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation in Sweden; Robert Langer, Professor, MIT; Torsten Jansson, serial entrepreneur and CEO, New Wave Group; Torbjörn Holmström, former CTO and CEO to Volvo; Jeff Karp, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School; Elizabeth Steele, Director of Economic Development and Global Affairs, MassBio; Adam Piandes, Forbes Reporter and Leadership Coach; Myra White, Professor, Harvard Business School.

About SACC-USA: SACC-USA is the second largest European chamber of commerce in the U.S. with 20 regional chambers. Our mission is to promote trade and investment between Sweden and the United States, www.sacc-usa.org.

Source: Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New England

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