Lumacron Announces World’s Fastest Portable Network Recorders

EDINBURGH, UK – 09-27-2018 ( — Lumacron today announces the availability of the world’s fastest portable network recorders.  The Athena series includes the flagship Athena 100G Transport Recorder, which combines sustained traffic capture at 100Gbps with Lumacron’s unique signal auto-discovery capabilities.  Also available are a 100GbE-optimised recorder for Metro and Enterprise Networks, and a 20G Transport version for legacy connectivity – all in a truly portable form factor.  

“Lossless traffic capture is becoming an integral part of lawful intercept, SIGINT, data analytics and network performance monitoring” noted Alan McDade, CEO Lumacron Technology. “Understanding emerging threat signatures and network resilience around intrusion detection events rely not only on transient analysis of the traffic but also on storage of the data itself. Lumacron offers the most compelling portable offering in this space, with sustained 100Gbps packet capture to an encrypted disk array”.Athena allows the user to capture up to 26 minutes of simplex 100Gbps data from the line, or to utilise stream-targeting and session-filtering capabilities to direct full-duplex traffic to an encrypted disk.  Recorded data can be played back over flexible line interfaces in a true full-duplex format with accurate timestamping or offloaded via PCAP for further analysis.
About LumacronFounded in 2014, with an industry pedigree stretching back some 20 years, Lumacron provides unique monitoring and instrumentation systems optimised for Optical Transport Network access and intercept. Lumacron’s product portfolio spans portable 100G access and recording solutions, fixed wireline intercept capability for coherent DWDM, OTN and SONET-SDH networks, and WAN/LAN conversion technologies addressing everything from next-generation packet optical switching through to legacy voice telephony. Committed to tackling the most difficult network access challenges, Lumacron continues to cement its reputation as a trusted mission partner for Law Enforcement, Governmental Monitoring and Service Provider Compliance on Long Haul, Core, Metro and Enterprise Networks.

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