Learn How To Find, Fund, And Profit With Real Estate Deals, Using Other Peoples Money!

United States, Nevada, Reno – 05-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — After 30+ years in real estate investing with over $30 million in deals completed, Wayne Wakefield is finally revealing all in his upcoming 5 day live Real Estate Academy training. 

This is not a “nothing down” training, instead Wayne will be teaching highly unconventional real estate strategies known only to the wealthiest 1%. Have you ever heard of a wealthy real estate investor going to the bank with their “hat-in-hand,” their credit report under one arm, their personal financial statements and job history under the other arm begging for a $100-million dollar loan to build a hotel or office tower? No, because that’s not how it’s done. In fact, Wayne has never once qualified for a loan, used his FICO score, used bank money, or even used any money of his own!And he can teach you how to do the same. Over five days Wayne will be teaching these strategies to a small group of motivated individuals who want to master the real estate game to build wealth. In this advanced training Wayne will be revealing: 

  • How to fund real estate deals using other peoples money (he even gives access to his own exclusive investor network to fund graduates deals)
  • How to get a paid a “six-figure” income to live in your house
  • Tax strategies and business structuring only the wealthiest 1% of people understand 
  • Millionaire mindset strategies that will alter the way you think about money, real estate and investing for the rest of your life

Wayne goes even one step further with this program, offering a one year mentorship to all who graduate. This program is limited to just 20 people and will take place in Reno, Nevada from October 21st -25th of 2019. In order to register for early bird pricing visit https://waynewakefield.net/events today!

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Nevada Business Corporations
Full Name: Wayne Wakefield
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://waynewakefield.net/

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