MUMBAI, INDIA – 03-19-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Lumina – a projection screen brand by Galalite, is sure to offer immersive viewing experiences. 

Galalite is all set to embark on a journey to offer unrivalled home-theater experiences with their brand, Lumina Screens. A home theater is a personal entertainment zone, that is best experienced when it is personalized according to your needs. Be it in the comfort of your home, or amidst the clutter at the workplace – Lumina by Galalite is thrilled to provide a wide range of expertly crafted, future-driven fabrics that are sure to project imaginations flawlessly.

Lumina by Galalite brings with it a wide range of products to suit your precise needs. To cater to those diverse needs, they aim to regularly introduce new and improved products that ensure customer satisfaction. With a vision to offer complete screen solutions which require no after-sales service, they aim to be a well-known player in the AV market, with virtues of excellent guidance, on-time delivery, quality products, and promising experience. 

Speaking on the occasion, Rohit Patil from Lumina Screens says “A projection screen is more than just a white cloth. It is a sophisticated, technical fabric that offers an immersive cinematic experience. No matter how big or small your home theater is you can’t deny that all eyes are always going to be on the screen, and I assure you that if a Lumina Screen is installed, you will never want to take your eyes off the screen. Be it at corporate offices, at home, or auditoriums – the right choice of projection screen makes all the difference.”

About Galalite:

Galalite®, is the flagship brand of GTC industries which manufactures the widest range of innovative Projection Screen surfaces across the world. Galalite has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of screens to Exhibitors worldwide.

Galalite’s specialized screen surfaces range from Gain Screens for digital compliant cinema systems to the latest 3D technology Silver Screens, from large format screens for Cinema Theatres / Large Events.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Lumina Screens
Full Name: Taha Kagalwala
Phone: +919867826555
Email Address: Send Email
Website: luminascreens.com

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