LCM Investment Technologies to Launch Its New Membership Referral Program Next Year

USA – 10-25-2018 ( — The Veteran-owned company, LCM Investment Technologies plans to begin the new year with the launch of a new member referral program that will benefit everyone who participates.


As a means of helping and rewarding the good people of America as well as further expanding their footprint in both the Foreign Exchange and Education markets, LCM Investment Technologies plans the launch of its new membership referral program.

LCM Investment Technologies is owned and managed by veteran, Lei Prenell and entrepreneur Mike Dubea and is an aggregation of two companies: Wooden Moon and Dubea Investments.

As is the case with most successful networking opportunities, the new membership referral program is expected to tremendously expand LCM Investment Technologies’ clientele base.   Participants will earn a fixed percentage of all sales throughout their organization.

Per the compensation plan, each registered signup that refers a new customer is immediately entitled to automatically recurring earnings that span five tiers of depth.  And the earnings are boundless in that a person can have an unlimited number of customers on each tier of their organization. A referrer can also earn money by means of the various bonuses which the new program will offer.

Each customer that enrols with LCM Investment Technologies is immediately able to access the following products through a personalized Back Office:

  1. AccuTrade Central: This is LCM Investment Technologies’ signal service through which they post live trades, analyses, and entry and exit points for the Forex market.
  2. Financial Freedom Trading Software: This software includes their semi-automated medium-frequency trading algorithm formally known as TR 7000.
  3. Wealth Acceleration Online University: This is the LCM Investment Technologies basic Forex education course where they also provide hands-on training in proper Forex trading.
  4. Advanced Hedge Fund Trader’s Course: This is their advanced Forex education course which is designed for professional Forex traders and offers several specific proprietary trading strategies.

According to LCM Investment Technologies’ CEO, Lei Prenell, the new membership referral program will be 100% free of charge to all individuals wishing to participate.  There are no registration fees, processing fees, nor any other fees associated with the opportunity. The proposed launch of the membership referral program is January 2019.  Based on pre-launch research and analysis, LCM Investment Technologies has full confidence in the new program’s ability to bolster their already steadfast forward momentum. 

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Company Name:     LCM Investment Technologies

Owners:        Lei Prenell & Mike Dubea

Industry:        Foreign Exchange/Education/Network Marketing


Phone:           1-800-375-5534

Email:            [email protected]

Media Contacts:

Company Name: LCM Investment Technologies
Full Name: Lei Prenell & Mike Dubea
Phone: 1-800-375-5534
Email Address: Send Email

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