Kroger Stores Announce 3rd Quarter Best Selling Author List

Best Sellers Announced in Regional ProgramHOUSTON TEXAS – 09-26-2017 (Press Release Jet) — A program for Texas authors in Kroger stores in the greater Houston area (dist. 034) and the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area (dist. 035) has been growing exponentially over the last 2 years. Beginning with a handful of authors, the program now has over 90 authors who do book signings in Kroger stores. Most of these authors are independently published. In 2016, as a total group, they retailed over 100K.

Program coordinator Deborah K. Frontiera (of Jade Business Investments, DBA Jade Enterprises) is pleased to announce the 10 best-selling authors as of Sep. 1, 2017:

1.      James B. Willis, Ft. Worth, The Odyssey of a Purple Heart Vet

2.      C. M. Healey, Dallas, Beyond the After and other children’s books

3.      R. D. Vincent, Houston, The Donbridge Series

4.      Karen Wright, Houston, Love Would Cry Inside

5.      Michael J. Tate, Dallas area, Herba Hoota Hound Dog Bird

6.      Judy Lowe, Dallas area, The Little White Light and other children’s books

7.      Jeffery Tracey, Sr., Houston area, A Family Reunited

8.      Lyn Gray, Dallas area, Annie’s Secret and other Annie the dog children’s books

9.      Deborah K. Frontiera, Houston, Living on Sisu: The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy

10.    Mary H. Wright, Stranded, Stormy’s Adventure and other children’s books

Frontiera looks forward to seeing how the Top Ten list will change by the end of 2017, since more authors join the program every month and spend time talking with Kroger’s customers. Also, sales always increase in the last four months of the year. Frontiera said she wishes to thank the Kroger regional managers, Richard Valerio (Houston) and Brandon Pratt (Dallas) for continuing to support regional authors and literacy.

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