Krav Maga Experts are Proud to Announce the Introduction of New York’s First Assault and Rape Prevention Course

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 10-10-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Krav Maga Experts, a team of highly trained self-defense expert trainers in New York, is thrilled to announce a course geared specifically toward aiming women and men fight back against assailants to prevent unwanted physical attack.  Krav Maga Experts are filling a void in the market to help further prevent sexual and other attack’s with the introduction of New York City’s first and only “Rape Prevention Course.”  Unfortunately, rape and other violent attacks happen, and more frequently in big cities. And while the police force and government have a handle on preventing it in the first place, Krav Maga Experts saw an opportunity to turn potential victims into heroes.

What Krav Maga Experts do, is simply in the name. The professional self-defense trainers teach their students the hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defense Force.  This system emphasizes natural instinct and simple techniques that have been proven over time to be life-saving.  Krav Maga is geared to enhance the mental and physical strength of men, women and children. The end result is a more powerful and confident person able to see the world from a different perspective.  

“For many of women, they live in society’s stereotype that a woman is a polite, unobtrusive peacemakers; there are instances where this comes even at an unacceptable physical and emotional cost.  Statistics show that seven out of ten survivors of sexual assault know their attackers prior to the assault!  At Krav Maga Experts, we look to give women the confidence to stand out and up for themselves in a world that otherwise may want them to be still and quiet. An added bonus, if a woman ever were to come across an assailant, we give her the strength to fight back with your self defense training in New York City” says owner of Krav Maga Experts, Tsahi Shemesh.

For a schedule of the Rape Prevention Course and all other courses offered by New York City’s top Krav Maga trainers, visit their website at

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