Katzenworld to attend at the GCCF Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham on 28th of October

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Katzenworld is excited to be part of the GCCF Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham this October

Katzenworld is all about being a fun, informative place that promotes all things cats and this year they are going to be at the GCCF Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham to showcase some of their cat lover / cat owner products as well as introduce new readers to the world of cats.

The main focus of the online publication are:

  • Insight on cat care
  • Cat Welfare
  • Top cat events
  • Cat Cafes – a cafe where cats are watched and played with for a cover fee.
  • On-line shop selling exclusive cat products

Katzenworld welcomes its cat-loving community with open arms and provides a forum where stories, hints and tips are shared.

They’ve carefully listened to their followers, and through their suggestions and feedback, fun-themed posts such as the Friday Art Cat, Tummy Rub Tuesday and Purrsday Poetry have been introduced. They have now become popular permanent editions to the regular schedule.

Katzenworld has close relationships with International Cat Care too. They provide support in ensuring that their cat care topics are accurate. They also help to promote one another’s cat welfare campaigns.

Katzenworld is especially proud to offer a large range of high quality valerian and catnip toys by 4cats from Germany. Visit the stall at the show to grab some exclusive toys.

The history behind the creation of Katzenworld:
Katzenworld was founded by Marc-André Runcie-Unger and his close friends Yuki Chung & Laura Haile.

It all started over a board game one evening at Marc’s place back in 2014. He and his partner had just adopted two shelter cats (Oliver & Nubia), and as Yuki was already looking after her own cats, the chat soon turned into a great discussion about cats.
Back then there weren’t many community-focused online publications so a plan was developed to change all that!

Many people wonder where the name came from. Well, Marc is German, and Katzen means Cats, so in English the blog means “Cats World” though many people think it means Cat Zen World!

Yuki is a professional illustrator and produced the original Katzenworld artwork as well as the iconic Katzenworld logo.

As with many great new ideas, what started out as a small group of people soon became a large community project. Today, Katzenworld’s team consists of Lisa, Carol (US), Marc & Iain, Zoey and Rachel (UK), Charlotte (Finland), Ann-Kristin (Germany) and Laura (Japan). To learn more about them and their cats, check out the About Us page.

But the growth of this cat-loving community hasn’t stopped there. In addition to the actual Katzenworld team, there are currently over 100 active contributors from countries all across the world. They submit content on a regular basis plus many more guest bloggers who also submit content from time to time.

And their latest venture is a little online shop offering people some of their own Katzenworld merchandise and high quality cat toys that they identified as brilliant through their reviews and tests.

The team hopes to see many familiar faces at the show but also to introduce new people to their Blog and Online shop portal.

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