KASPAR Practice Management Pioneers Superior Private Practice System

Dyer, IN — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 10/27/2017 — KASPAR Practice Management continues to pioneer a superior private practice system. With a full suite of services, KASPAR empowers doctors and entrepreneurs as they start their own practices. Conceived by a pair of associates—a board-certified neurologist, and an operational professional—the KASPAR model ensures that physicians have access to the technologies, techniques, personnel, and marketing they need to be successful in the U.S in 2017.

By integrating new medical startups and existing private practices into one system, KASPAR Practice Management ensures them the resources and support they’ve lacked within public healthcare. KASPAR guides medical start-ups through the complex process of purchasing a practice location, reviewing lease agreements, and maximizing the space within the facility. During a pre-opening training, they will walk lead doctors and practice founders through an orientation, familiarizing staff with the most effective clinic management procedures. Upon completing their orientation, clinics will possess a confidential operations manual, detailing everything from appointments, scheduling, operations, coding, and billing.

Although any investor or entrepreneur is welcome, KASPAR Practice Management caters its services most closely to entrepreneurially-minded physicians. KASPAR has the tools and the procedures to make any existing clinic more efficient than it’s ever been. Entry into KASPAR necessitates an initial franchise fee of $55,000 in the case of medical startups, and a fee of $40,000 to convert and integrate into the KASPAR franchise. Once integrated into a circle of KASPAR clinics, the franchise will pay a small fixed monthly royalty fee, allowing for support and continued development of operations.

Any private physician or entrepreneur interested should contact KASPAR Practice Management at 219-200-2888.

About KASPAR Practice Management
Utilizing their medical and entrepreneurial expertise, KASPAR Practice Management has devised a system for branding and supporting private medical practices. As the medical industry becomes more complex by the day, the staff of KASPAR Practice Management stays a step ahead, leveraging the latest technologies, marketing, and business practices.

To learn more about the KASPAR Practice Management system, please visit their website at http://kasparfranchise.com.

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