Karma’s new Name Your Price initiative

IRVING, TX – 10-02-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Karma Mobility, the company that let’s you take WiFi everywhere at a lower cost than conventional WiFi providers, announced today that they are beginning a new “Name Your Price” initiative for nationwide mobile data.

For a short time, Karma will evaluate offers made via email allowing new customers to make a pricing proposal on our industry leading Pulse data plans. Karma is providing an email address for new customers to submit pricing proposals to be evaluated by their pricing team. If accepted, Karma will honor the proposed price when a Karma hotspot is purchased and registered to that new customer.

“It is about a dialogue with potential customers to find pricing that works for them.” Noted Todd Wallace, Karma Mobility CEO. “We are here to disrupt pay-as-you-go WiFi so that everyone can have affordable access whenever and wherever they need it. We intend to lead in product and pricing flexibility in this market.”

The process is simple: Send an email to [email protected] to start the conversation on a new Pulse data plan. Every offer received will be confirmed via e-mail with a final proposal response within 2 business days.

Pulse can be used across the US in over 460 cities. It uses a 4G LTE connection and falls back to CDMA 3G in the most remote areas where 4G LTE coverage is not available. Users with a 4G LTE connection can download 6-8Mbps with peaks up to 25Mbps and upload 2-3Mbps. CDMA 3G speeds provide Download .6-1.4Mbps with peaks up to 3.1Mbps and Uploads of .35-5Mbps.

Laptops, tablets and phones can all connect within 100 feet of the Karma Go device which is small, sleek and portable weighing just 2.3 ounces and has a battery life up to 6 hours and 220 hours of standby time. Today, Karma users can go to the http://www.yourkarma.com website and purchase Pulse plans which are already priced competitively with the market.

Karma Mobility:

Karma Mobility began in 2012 with one simple idea: everyone should be able to get online, everywhere they go. Karma introduced the first peer-to-peer WiFi device that allows users to pay-as-they-go, with no contracts, and is made for sharing. Today Karma is the choice for people on the go who travel for work and leisure, or need an extra connection as a back up or for special circumstances. Karma continues to disrupt the WiFi with innovations like the best in market priced DRIFT pay as you go plan. Visit yourkarma.com for more information.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Karma Mobility
Full Name: Todd Wallace
Phone: 469-845-8031
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://www.yourkarma.com

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