Karen Pearse Global Direct Announces Partnership with Winckelmans for Exclusive Distribution in the United States

Winckelmans bespoke tile in the Cité du Cinéma, the illustrious film studio complex of film director and producer Luc Besson in the north of Paris.

Karen Pearse, the founder of Karen Pearse Global Direct and renowned natural stone and surfaces expert, announced today KPGD’s exclusive partnership with Winckelmans, the historic French creator of the finest vitrified porcelain tile. Karen Pearse Global Direct will be the sole purveyor of Winckelmans in the U.S., opening access to this lauded brand in the U.S. market.

“With the unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity of Winckelmans, we immediately saw the potential for truly extraordinary projects with designers, hotels, and major retailers in the U.S.,” says Pearse.

Since the founding of Winckelmans in 1894, the illustrious brand has been distinguished for the exceptional quality of its unglazed, vitrified porcelain tiles and its incredibly unique contemporary and old world designs. Known for enduring centuries, Winckelmans’ tile has graced the most prestigious buildings around the world from castles and palaces to haute couture establishments, including L’Occitane en Provence; The Queen Victoria Building, Sydney; Luc Besson’s Cité du Cinéma, Paris; Les Bains, Paris; and Hoxton Hotel, Paris.

Pearse is pleased to feature this prestigious brand among Karen Pearse Global Direct’s remarkable collection of rare marble, natural stone and surfaces. It is an exciting step in continuing the KPGD legacy of working with designers, retailers and architects in the U.S. to build exceptional, unique spaces.

Karen Pearse
Karen Pearse is an internationally renowned expert on natural stone and surfaces and founder of Karen Pearse Global Direct. Over her illustrious history since founding the Karen Pearse brand in 1981, Pearse has worked with the world’s most prominent retailers, architects and developers, including Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, The Time Warner Center, Thomas Keller Restaurant, Eataly, Saks 5th Avenue and MGM Grand.

Growing up with the artistic influence of her grandfather, the distinguished painter František Reichentál, Pearse’s incredible aesthetic eye was shaped from an early age. It is this immersion in and love of fine art that has truly allowed Pearse to see the intrinsic beauty in marble and natural stone around the world. Known internationally for her incredible ability to identify, locate and uniquely guide the design process, Pearse is a dream maker, working with the most talented, extraordinary designers and architects to capture their vision and transform it into reality.

Headquartered in New York City, Karen Pearse Global Direct also maintains offices in Europe and Asia. Its steadfast global supplier and manufacturer network make it possible to deliver elegant, fast, environmentally conscious and cost effective materials solutions.

For product inquiries please contact info(at)kpgd(dot)com.

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