Jagger Babuin – Systems Expert Unveils New Coaching Service

VANCOUVER, CANADA – 10-10-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Jagger Babuin – a well known systems and automation expert recently unveiled a four month business training and coaching program that is aimed towards small and medium sized business executives and owners that are looking to improve their organizational efficiency.   The program will consist of 16 live and interactive group coaching sessions as well as 4  one-on-one consulting sessions.   

Accoring to Jagger the program is designed with the intent of increasing sales and profit margins, aiding with organizational efficiency, eliminating waste, improving internal processes, and creating a stand-alone business that is a money making machine that doesn’t require your constant supervision.

The next coaching program begins on October 23, 2017 and will last for four months.   During this time Jagger  will work with you to assist you in transforming your business into a well-oiled and high powered engine that allows you to improve your bottom line, all while having to work less.

You’ll also get plenty of private one-on-one time with Jagger to ensure that your specific situation and any challenges that you are facing are adequately discussed and addressed. 

Jagger will work with you to:

Create systems and processes so you can outsource low-level work and have more time to focus on high value revenue-generating activities.
Create and refine your business strategy so that it matches your customers needs and is highly scalable.
Help you focus on the high value activities in your business that will in turn save you a ton of time.
Stucture your business so that it can run well without you having to be there each and every second to supervise things.
Develop automated processes that improve your bottom line.
Grow your team through the creation of company principles and measurement systems.
Be in complete control of your business making it a well-oiled and efficient money making machine.

Contact Jagger today to discuss enrolling.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: JaggerBabuin.com
Full Name: Jagger Babuin
Phone: 7788092479
Email Address: Send Email
Website: jaggerbabuin.com

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