Innovative Outdoor Cushion Cover Product Debuts Stunning, Money-Saving Home Décor Line

United States, Oregon, Portland – 04-02-2019 ( — Just in time for Spring, a newly launched outdoor home-décor company, Fig Leaf Cushion Covers, has debuted its inaugural line of stunning, form-fitting cushion covers for patio, pool and outdoor furniture.  This innovative product, the first of its kind, offers a clever and easy-to-apply solution for older cushions that are still perfectly serviceable – but are faded, stained, torn or simply out of fashion.  By not throwing out older cushions but instead making them look brand-new at a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture, consumers benefit from tremendous savings as well as shopping time and hassle. Fig Leaf covers also protect the environment by not tossing replaced cushions into a landfill.

Even better, the variety of colors and styles let consumers change up the look and feel of their outdoor hosting areas at a whim by having multiple patterns on hand.  Outdoor furniture can now be quickly changed up in just minutes to perfectly suit the season, parties or family celebrations, holiday themes, and more.Fig Leaf Cushion Covers come in a wide range of stylish solid and print patterns, and a bold and colorful line of modern looks featuring a stunning selection of contemporary styles.  Consumers can easily mix and match their designs to create unique combinations to suit their personal taste and home décor.“I couldn’t be more excited to debut our solution to this issue that I know everyone in America with outdoor furniture faces at some point” said Jack Faller, product inventor and company founder. “But as much as it’s a product that we created to solve a need and save people money, I’m just as proud that it’s helping reduce waste on our planet and – in a small way at least – making a difference in the world.” Available in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, Fig Leaf Cushion Covers offer a surprisingly affordable solution to the annoying problem of stained, torn, or faded cushions not matching the others or looking embarrassingly tatty. All while saving the cost and sizing-issue hassle of buying a brand-new set.  Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., the products are home-delivered and securely form-fit over most any standard-size cushion shape and size, providing a custom new look in just seconds.Faller points out that typically, old cushions – or even brand-new ones that happen to get stained or torn – are simply tossed into a landfill, where their synthetic materials will remain for decades and decades, slowing leaching their chemicals into the soil.  “I think our customers will not only be happy to have what looks like brand-new furniture to show off when entertaining friends and family, but will be proud of themselves for saving cash and reducing waste at the same time.” More About Fig Leaf Cushion CoversSerial inventor Jack Faller was simply trying to find an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to replace his old, mildewed outdoor cushions when he came up with the simple yet innovative idea for Fig Leaf Cushion Covers. Fig Leaf sells directly to consumers through its online store ( The site also features convenient sizing charts, custom-size orders for non-standard cushion dimensions, and other custom-order features catering to consumer requests.Learn more about Jack’s invention and the Fig Leaf story, and view the entire selection of colors and styles on the company website. Company founder interviews and high-resolution photography featuring Fig Leaf products are available upon request – please contact our media representative. 

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