Innovative Bed Comforter Targeting US Sleep Epidemic Achieves Funding in Record Time

Press Release updated: Oct 31, 2017 15:25 EDT

In a record time of less than 12 hours, Sleep Health Start-up SOMNOS achieved its 20k Euro (~23k USD) funding goal for its new weighted comforter on Kickstarter once they went live shortly after midnight on Oct. 30.

Enthusiastic backers stayed up all night to be among the first ones to support the weighted comforter that promises a natural deep sleep and calming effect.

Some 47 million adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation, do not get a restorative night’s sleep and one in three adults suffer from anxiety, making sleep disorders and anxiety serious health issues in America.

I suffer from insomnia and have a hard time falling asleep. SOMNOS gives me an instant calming effect, which makes me fall asleep much faster and also helps me sleep through the night.

Kaela Mast, SOMNOS Sleep Tester

“Insufficient quality sleep is one of the leading causes for increased risk of chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease,” says Dr. Kathrin Hamm, one of the co-founders of SOMNOS. The mission of the female founding team is to break that unhealthy sleep cycle and restore deep, natural sleep in American households.

The Weighted Comforter is the first product from the company that uses design and engineering to disrupt once-traditional markets. “We are very familiar with other products in this category, and we have tried many of them. However, none of them satisfied our needs in terms of quality, comfort and design,” says Mimi Mehranian, SOMNOS’ co-founder and design head. “What separates our SOMNOS Weighted Comforter from other weighted blankets in the market is our patented technology on weight distribution and air circulation,” finalizes Dr. Hamm.

“The benefits of weighted blankets are widely known in the medical community, where patients report improved sleep and decreased anxiety levels through the deep touch pressure of such blankets. However, we saw a disconnect here,” says Mehranian, ”as doctors recommend sleeping under weighted blankets for the full night, when practically the blankets currently in the market are simply not designed to be used as a bed comforter.”

”That’s why we created SOMNOS,” says Dr. Hamm, ”to combine the medical benefits of traditional weighted blankets with innovative textile design to achieve a better functionality and the comfort of a bed duvet.”

Having filed a patent in summer 2017, SOMNOS incorporates an innovative contouring system and air-circulating channels, enhancing breathability and keeping customers at a comfortable temperature.

The young startup has done its homework as they kept testing their product with selected “Sleep Testers” for several months to incorporate their feedback into the prototype design.

Kaela Mast, mother of two young toddlers and one of the Sleep Testers, describes her experience with SOMNOS as life-changing: “I suffer from insomnia and have a hard time falling asleep. SOMNOS gives me an instant calming effect, which makes me fall asleep much faster and also helps me sleep through the night.” Liz Snavely, another Sleep Tester even reports that her chronic nerve pain has diminished since using SOMNOS.

The campaign will continue running on Kickstarter until Dec. 4, 2017.

Source: SOMNOS

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