How Brands Can Create “Pause and Purchase” Worthy Images Every Time

NEW YORK, NY – 01-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — We live in a culture that is obsessed with beautiful photographs. From our personal feeds to our business websites. It is our images that stop the ever-present scroll of our social lives. Businesses know this. And large or small- all brands are trying to stop the scroll and start the buy via their pics.

Brand photography once use to be confined to websites and marketing materials. Now brand photography has to be chic, desirable, and crave-able. Modern-day brand photography isn’t about a great headshot or product display. Modern brand photography is about capturing a moment so visually stunning, so emotionally connected, that is is “pause and purchase” worthy of the audience as they scroll ever so quickly through their feed.

In her January 2018 article titled, “ Why Your Brand Photos Are More Than Just A Pretty Pic” ( )originally published in EmpiHER™ magazine ( ), New York-based photographer and owner of Own Your Brand Photography (, Laura Boyd, calls this “pause and purchase” worthy photography. Boyd, a branding photographer, for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and passion projects for the last 8 years. In her piece, Boyd states, “ Your visual imagery helps you to uplevel your brand so you can connect more  authentically with your potential clients.”

She goes on to outline the 3 essential elements she believes will always produce “pause and purchase”worthy photography.

  1. Elements. Boyd states, “Think about what elements you can use in your images to incorporate the brand values and emotions you’ve established. This ranges from the colors around you to brand specific items that define your work. These elements create the overall emotional and psychological feel of your brand.”
  2. Location. Boyd contends that location is the most powerful element that any brand can use to their advantage to create the “pause and purchase” worthy photography. Boyd says, “The location establishes the backdrop for your shoot so it should provide the framework for reflecting the emotions and values of your brand.”
  3. Details. Details make the picture go from staged to captivating. “Incorporate small details into your images that help convey the messaging you want. Though seemingly insignificant- these details bring the photo to life and add the relatability to your brand,” says Boyd.

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