Holliday & Associates offers US healthcare systems access to their Chargemaster Public Portal

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEVADA – 12-31-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Holliday & Associates, a leading provider of web-based chargemaster management solutions, released its ChargeAssist® Chargemaster Public Portal in early December. Using the portal, small hospitals as well as multi-entity healthcare systems have complied with the 2019 Medicare Hospital Price Transparency mandate while also ensuring a more favorable public reception. The Chargemaster Public Portal is a patient-friendly solution for researching hospital charge prices through a URL posted on the facility’s website. 


Bud Carroll, Managing Partner and developer of the company’s flagship product, ChargeAssist®, stated “We developed the portal application to support our ChargeAssist® customers. Because of the large number of inquiries, we decided to offer it to all hospitals. The Chargemaster Public Portal is a more a favorable solution than clumsy file displays that can frustrate potential patients shopping for services. Within an hour of staging access, customers have a user-friendly gateway to their charge pricing information.”


Rosemary Holliday, MHA, Managing Partner of Holliday & Associates, commented “Hospital teams have dedicated countless hours developing strategies for the Medicare requirements. Now, they face either criticism or public support based on the impression the Charge Master makes. We’re happy to help new customers in 2019 with software, strategies, and resources to help educate the shopping public”. 


Since 1990 Holliday & Associates has provided the healthcare industry with Chargemaster Management services, education and software solutions. Their web-based product, ChargeAssist®, is one of the most user-friendly, deeply-functional Charge Management solutions on the market at a cost all healthcare providers can afford. 


For more detailed information on the Medicare Chargemaster mandate, helpful blogs, articles and resource tools like the current series: The Chargemaster: What your Shopping Public Needs to Know are available to help with Charge Management strategies. Visit their website at https://ChargeAssist.com or send an e-mail to [email protected] if your organization needs help.

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Website: https://ChargeAssist.com

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