HiBoost Launches New Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Booster Series

DALLAS, TX – 09-05-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are Here

HiBoost is launching the latest innovation in Home cell phone signal boosters. The new Smart Link series of signal boosters allow for remote monitoring and troubleshooting of your signal booster. This improvement to the ease of use to your booster makes for an easier installation and allows for you to always have the best cell phone signal in your home or office. After installation simply pair your cell phone or tablet with your new Smart Link signal booster using our Signal Supervisor app, available on the Google Play and the Apple iTunes store. The Benefits of Remote MonitoringAfter pairing your devices you’ll be able to easily perform several functions to keep your Smart Link signal booster at peak performance. Not only can you perform simple tasks such as turning off and on different bands to filter out signal interference, but also more complex functions such as adjusting the output power to each individual band allowing you to fine-tune and truly optimize your signal solution. While before you would have had to do these functions manually on your signal booster you can now do all of these and more from the palm of your hand from wherever you are. Our premium option in the Smart Link series, the Home 10K Smart Link, is perfect for any mid-size home or office. With the power to boost your cell signal up to 10,000 square feet and boosts the signal for every carrier on all of their 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks. Learn why HiBoost is quickly becoming the premier name in signal boosters for homes and offices today, get a Smart Link booster and never miss a call or text again!

Media Contacts:

Company Name: HiBoost
Full Name: Mitchell Dolenz
Phone: 6825514513
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.HiBoostUSA.com

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