Hera The Dog Vodka Is on a Mission to Help Los Angeles Animal Rescues in Time for National Pet Day (April 11)

United States – 04-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Now helping an animal in need is as easy as ordering a cocktail. Introducing Hera the Dog vodka,a new Los Angeles-based premium spirit that donates a portion of the sale of every bottle to local animal rescues.

As co-founders of LA’s A Dog’s Life Rescue(adogsliferescue.org), Julia Pennington and Allison Lange have been saving animals for well over a decade, but they wanted to do more.  

“We realized there are only so many animals that the two of us can help,” said Lange, co-creator of Hera the Dog. “But there is potentially no limit to how much we could help other great rescues like ours help animals.”

“We knew if we wanted to be successful, we would have to find something that a lot of people already enjoy, and then create an even more fantastic version of it,” added Pennington. “Because my nephew and his wife own a well-established distillery in Nashville, my brother suggested we create a distilled spirit; and, the idea of marrying vodka and animal rescue was born. ”

Not only is Hera The Dog about doing good, it is about tasting good too. Crafted from 100% non-GMO, organic wheat, distilled seven times, and then patiently slow-filtered through walnut husk carbon, Hera mixes very well in cocktails yet has such a rich, smooth finish it can easily be enjoyed straight up neat too.

“And what better way to celebrate National Pets Day,” concluded Pennington. “Than with a cocktail that saves pets lives.”

Hera the Dog vodka retails for $26 (750 ml/40% alc/vol) and is currently available for purchase at the following LA establishments:  



  • John & Pete’s Fine Wine & Spirits, West Hollywood
  • K&L Wine Merchants, Hollywood
  • Flask Fine Wine & Whisky, Studio City
  • Barkeeper, Silver Lake
  • Lucky Stop Liquor, Venice



  • Jones Hollywood
  • Crossroads Kitchen
  • Black Cat LA
  • Fat Dog LA and Fat Dog Noho
  • Mama Shelter Hollywood
  • Melrose Umbrella Co
  • Rock n’ Reilly’s Sunset
  • The Pearl Rooftop
  • Sage Bistro (Pasadena, Echo Park, Culver City)
  • Vincente Ristorante
  • The Parlor

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