Healthtech start-up Gini raises seed round to launch app and target North American and European markets

Gini introduces a revolutionary new approach to highly personalized
nutrition & wellness, enabling users to tap into their full genetic potential.

TORONTO – 09-30-2018 ( — Health-tech start-up Gini Health Inc. raised an undisclosed amount in seed round led by Canadian digital consulting firm ‘’ and other seasoned Canadian angel investors.


Founded by three young professionals – Gurjot, Reet and Miguel, Gini is a first-of-its-kind DNA based personal assistant for nutrition and wellness. The app manages the full lifecycle when it comes to nutrition and healthy living, and assists users in the day-to-day management of their nutritional and fitness needs, personalized for their genetic makeup.


Gini Health Co-founder and CEO Gurjot Singh said “While millions around the world have had their DNA tested by services like 23andMe and, most have no clue as to how they can put their personal genetic information to work to help achieve optimal health, longevity and live a healthy life of over 100+ years”. Co-founder Reetmohinder Singh shared that Gini will be available on iOS and Android by mid-October and that the app will help users understand complex health-nutrition-gene relationships.


“It’s time to start thinking about food as information that interacts with your DNA. These interactions can either be beneficial, neutral or detrimental to your body, depending on your unique genetic makeup. We are all genetically and biochemically different, and this means that nutrition and diet also has to be personalized. This is one of the main reasons why generalized diets work for some, but not for others.” said Reet, co-founder and COO, Gini Health.


“We plan to use insights driven by machine learning to help aid decision making around people’s nutritional needs, lifestyle advantages and limitations.” said Miguel, co-founder and CTO. “Customer privacy and security is incredibly important to the company and we ensure that all DNA data is encrypted and de-identified before it is securely stored.”


Nutrigenetics and DNA testing are fast growing markets in North America with many unicorns created over last 4 years. Gini Health seeks to manage user experience from end to end – from DNA testing to personalized recommendations based on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, to grab the majority share and emerge as the leader in this segment.



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Company Name: Gini Health Inc.
Full Name: Gurjot Narwhal
Phone: +1 647 927 0051
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