Havospark announces the release of the world class travel pal, Havospark H2o.

IRVINE, CA – 10-29-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — The all new Havospark H2o was designed with the everyday user in mind. Enjoy the built in, light weight amenities and go duo with H2o. Let our wireless, bone conduction surround sound and 3 mode massage system melt your day away. The Havospark H2o and its unique water resistant skin makes the Havospark H2o great for outdoor and indoor use. Hit the beach, take a cruise, take a nap, take a flight and turn any seat into a first class ride, feel free to take a dip in the pool with the Havospark H2o. Why go alone? Go Duo with the Havospark H2o. 

October 23, 2018
One of the most common problems faced by travelers of all variety on long or short term travel is neck discomfort during.  While your everyday neck pillows can help offset some discomfort, forward-thinking brand Havospark has taken things to the next level with the all new Havospark H2O – With its ultra-soft, water resistant neck bed, integrated  wireless, bone conduction surround sound and 3 mode massage system you’re sure to fall in love with your vey own H2o experience.  The company recently announced they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in November 2018. The buzz surrounding the Havospark H2o project is sure to rev you up. 
“We are going to be releasing a first-class, premium product, at a very attractive price point. Commented a spokesperson from the company.   “Once people become aware of Havospark they are definitely going to want it as a companion for their next trip.”
According to the Havospark spokesperson, some of the key benefits of Havospark H2o include its built-in bone conduction surround sound system allowing its user to listen to any audio device equipped with wireless technology allowing users to enjoy podcasts, music, movies and more at the touch of a button. In addition the surround sound system you will definitely want to check out the H2o’s 3 level “rejuvenation- massage mode” Havospark is confident they won’t fail to win praise for its therapeutic    and relaxing amenities and effects. Once more, what makes Havospark stad aout above the rest? Its ability to take a dip in a pool, hot tub, bathtub, or in the rain, without the worries of being damaged.  With such great amenities and such a low price point, we are pleased to present Havospark and its all new Havospark H2o. 
For more information and news about the Kickstarter be sure to visit http://www.havospark.com.

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Company Name: HAVOSPARK
Full Name: Mark Ma
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Website: http://www.havospark.com.

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