Halloween Empire Taps into the DIY Costume Trend

United States, Texas, Austin – 06-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Halloween Empire recognizes the current “do it yourself” trend in Halloween costumes and responds with unusual accessories and stand-alone pieces.


Halloween Empire Online (www.halloweenempireonline.com) is adding lots of unique accessories, props and makeup kits to their lineup in response to shoppers’ desire to create their own DIY costumes rather than buying standard issue Halloween costumes.

Owner Tony Nwoko is enthusiastic about Halloween Empire’s impressive array of accessories and props for Do-It-Yourself costume fans.

“Halloween costumes were nearly always DIY projects in the early days of celebrating Halloween. Before that, events like Carnival in Milan, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Costume Balls during the renaissance always required a DIY costume. You simply couldn’t buy Halloween or Mardi Gras costumes that were ready made. In the last few years I’ve noticed a lot more people returning to the tradition of making their own costumes instead of buying online or off-the-rack Halloween Costumes. It’s just a lot more fun to wear something you’ve created yourself, but there are a few costume accessories or props that aren’t easy to create yourself, and that’s where Halloween Empire comes in.”

Nwoko explains,

“Most people can’t make a wig or create an authentic looking prop such as a sword or a shield, so we’ve stocked up on all those props that are the perfect compliment to any DIY costume. We carry nearly three dozen prop weapons on our website, so whether you’re a chainsaw wielding killer or Crusader, we have the props that will complete the authenticity of your DIY costume.”


“One of the most difficult things for people to do properly when creating a costume from items at home is the right hairstyle. After all, if you have short hair, you can’t grow it longer and you may not want to dye your blonde hair green for Halloween night. Halloween Empire now carries 400 wigs so you can don the perfect hairstyle regardless of whether you are masquerading as Marie Antoinette, a 1980’s rock star, Santa Claus, Wonder Woman or an evil clown.”

Nwoko concludes,

“DIY costumes are a great way to have fun, save some money and be truly unique with your costume choices. At Halloween Empire we understand that creative urge and we’ve responded to it by offering more individual elements and accessories than ever before. Of course, you can still order complete Halloween costumes from us, but if you want to create a DIY costume, we have everything you’ll need for a truly original look.”

About Halloween Empire Online: Halloween Empire Online is an online retailer of Halloween costumes,  accessories, props and makeup kits. Whether you want a complete outfit or are looking for that perfect finishing touch for your DIY costume, Halloween Empire has what you need to create the perfect look at a reasonable price.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Halloween Empire
Full Name: Tony Nwoko
Phone: 512-522-8388
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://halloweenempireonline.com/

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