H4 Solutions CEO Kelly Hoggan Speaks to Texas Commercial Airports Association

United States, Michigan – 04-03-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Kelly Hoggan, Founder and CEO of the aviation security consulting firm H4 Solutions, recently delivered key observations at both sponsored sessions of the Texas Commercial Airports Association meeting held in Austin, Texas. Hoggan had previously served as the Transportation Security Administration’s assistant administrator of security operations for all U.S. commercial airports. In that role, he saw to passenger and aircraft security screening activities at the nation’s 400-plus air travel facilities. At the TCAA meeting, Hoggan described and explained airline security screening systems, including those offered by companies such as Scarabee Aviation Group and Smiths Detection. 

During the association’s morning session, Hoggan expanded on the Smiths Detection presentation of their current aTIX passenger checkpoint baggage screening x-ray systems and its “deep learning” abilities. Hoggan also spoke about Smiths Detection Computed Tomography (CT) devices. “At airports today, CT devices are used to provide baggage screening personnel with an in-depth view of the contents within any piece of luggage and are now being rolled out at the nation’s passenger checkpoints by TSA to screen carry-on baggage,” the former TSA senior leader said. Hoggan felt it was important to spend some time discussing the Smiths offerings, as they’re in wide use at airports worldwide. Speaking later that day, at TCAA’s afternoon session, the H4 Solutions chief executive officer followed up on Scarabee Aviation Group’s presentation of its new “smart security lane” offerings and how they can best be integrated into TSA’s current passenger security checkpoints. “Scarabee’s smart security lanes hold the promise of significantly reducing the time passengers spend going through TSA screening,” Hoggan noted. “They also add to the passenger experience and assist the TSA officer by allowing natural wayfinding for the traveling public going through the checkpoint.” TCAA members considering the evolution of aviation security screening technologies were reassured by Hoggan’s current leadership of H4 Solutions as well as his experience as a top TSA executive who’d frequently briefed Congress on the nation’s aviation security needs. During his remarks at both sessions, the H4 Solutions chief sketched out just how such security developments will support and grow an agile, innovative, dependable and responsive transportation system. “Air travelers today are demanding a more satisfactory and less-stressful security screening experience, and it’s up to all of us, government and private sector alike, to give it to them” Hoggan stated. With billions of travelers flying every year and with an aviation infrastructure more important than ever, it was a message which came at a very opportune time for TCAA’s appreciative members.

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